Rice Flour Chocolate Pancakes With Chocolate Syrup

Gluten free chocolate pancakes that take less than 10 minutes? I AM OBSESSED GUYSSS!

Rice flour chocolate pancakes require only 5 ingredients : rice flour, cocoa powder, sugar, egg and butter for frying. The chocolate syrup is simply cocoa powder sugar and milk of your choice. Made instantly, who needs to worry about hidden toxins!


And how can I start a recipe blog without a neat, pretty but kinda messy ariel shot of the counter top. Excuse the oil drops on the stove, it was from last nights chicken curry. See, it’s ok to keep the stove dirty.


I think alot of people want to go gluten free but they fear the idea of missing out on favorite foods such as pancakes. Well, we don’t have to miss out on them. We can still enjoy chocolatey pancakes with a glass of milk (dairy or non dairy) or coffee. Try this recipe. Recipe card below as usual. And don’t forget to PIN IT!


The batter is rice flour cocoa powder, sugar and egg mixed together. The consistency would be slightly thinner than normal pancake batter, and no lumps. If it’s about the same consistency as pancake batter then pancake will be thicker and less fluffy then original pancakes. Which is fine if that’s how you prefer it. We liked it thin and crispy edges. Just remember to mix out all the lumps.


The crispy edges cooked in butter was our favorite! Cooks easily in one minute per side.

Meeting your macros : Ok guys, so these are a bit high carb. I cup of rice flour has about 160 grams of carbs. This recipe calls for 1/4th cup of rice flour, making two pancakes, so that’s about 31 grams of carbs. I didn’t forget about the added sugar. I am not an advocate of low calorie or particularly a low carb diet unless you have specific fitness goals set. So enjoy these and if you eat more than two (which is just fine) then don’t forget to count your macro. You will find exact macro’s in the recipe card below.


This irresistibly easy and super clean chocolate syrup. I am contemplating using this over brownies or cakes 😉


Visually appealing and the taste buds didn’t miss this party either. Don’t worry I’ve got the chocolate syrup recipe below.

chocopancake recipecard.001.jpeg


4 thoughts on “Rice Flour Chocolate Pancakes With Chocolate Syrup

    1. Salam Nazia :),
      ah yes honey instead sugar. I really do enjoy the taste as well. last 2 years we have cut down on our sugar intake incredibly alhamdulilah. we can go days in a row with out extra sugar. arent the changes amazing!

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