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Analyse your body type, understand mechanics of body fat, set goals and choose the program that best fits your lifestyle.


Food is the raw materials for your body. Our nutrition plans are tailored to meet your individual needs.


Supplements are intended to improve your already specific nutrition plan. Get the supplements right for you.


Functional exercise plans help you meet fitness goals. Learn technique of exercise that gives you results for a lifetime.


24/7 expert guidance. Be in a state of learning resources needed to improve your health and quality of life.


We believe every woman is unique. There is a solution to every problem and we’re ready to provide you with resources.


Download PDF nutrition, and exercise learning materials and access knowledge from anywhere.

Transformation Programs

Full Transformation programs include tailored & individualised nutrition, supplementation, exercise and more.


“Sustainable Results”

I did three months program with Marina Farook and it changed my whole concept of diet, food and nutrition. Workouts are focused and doable! I’ve made lifestyle changes which include my food habit, workout and sleep which I will continue for lifetime. Also as a lactating mom of an 11 months this didn’t hamper the milk supply! I’m getting back in shape and toning up as well! I definitely recommend her programs!

Nazmin Ala


“Motivating and Resourceful”

Marina is incredibly knowledgeable and manages to share a wealth of information in a way that isn’t overwhelming, but accessible and motivating. I feel prepared to start improving my health from the inside out! Thanks, Marina!

Lucy Drury


“Fantastic quality”

She is one of the best health coaches that I have been to so far. I had so many issues and always got the solutions from her. Alhamdulillah very nice and pleasant experience and thus I highly recommend her.

Afsha Haque

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