Discovery Session

Delivering Impactful Results

Analyse your body type, understand mechanics of body fat, set goals and choose the program that best fits your lifestyle. Discovery Session with Marina Farook is a 45 minutes video consultation session.

During your Discovery Session

Individual Attention

Deep conversation analsing your previous medical history, current lifestyle, work habits, daily routine, food journal, exercise routine and more. This discussion helps me to understand about you and what your goals are. You will share your fitness & health goals. We will go over the 5 day food log you will need to bring.

Setting Goals

Goal setting helps you to understand where you are now, and which direction you need to go to reach your fitness & health goals. We discuss how we can tailor create a program that fits perfect in your unique lifestyle.

Life Long Learning

Choosing the correct programs means getting you started on a lifelong journey of transforming. Get ready to take notes and go home with several new resources to start your transformation program TODAY.

Please note, this session does not give you a nutrition / meal plan. I can not give you a nutrition plan unless you start a nutrition programme and come under 30 to 45 days of guidance and coaching. 

What other clients say

I had my initial 60 minutes consultation with Marina last week. Such an enlightening session it was about rethinking food, nutrition, preparation and planning! I have learnt a lot about the changes we all need to make, especially in our eating habits, for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Marina, for being so supportive and making eating healthy easy!

― Naureen Rahnuma

The detail about what is required for better body composition has been well described by her. I found her someone I can rely on regarding nutritional and health issue.

-Effat Ara Kabir


Our Success


Since we opened in 2015 we’ve seen the lives changed of over 1500+ clients.


If our clients don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job. Our clients have a 100% successful transformation rate!


Year on year we have consistently produced the results you are looking for for 5 consecutive years.

Get Prepared

Please take the following steps before scheduling your Discovery Session:
1. Keep a journal for 5 days, write down your food intake, water intake, sleep and mood and bowel movements.
2. Bring all your medical reports
3. Bring all medications and supplements you are taking
4. Write down questions you would like to discover
5. Write down your fitness & health goals
6. Take photo’s of your front, back, and side with arms up. You should wear something very tight or you can wear sports bra and leggings.

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During this session we discuss about your awareness, clarity and choice of making powerful lifestyle changes that bring on sustainable results. The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is a powerful conversation of accountability. It creates reflective learning conversation that draws out deep insights from my clients. Being able to hear our inner voice and thus drawing out a self-directed solution is probably the key to the desired outcome and with sustainable results. 

– Marina Farook

About Us

Marina Farook is a Nutritionist & Transformation Health Coach.

We equip you with resources for fitness and health transformation.

Waiting List

Due the large number of monthly Discovery Sessions, we have a waiting list in place. Discovery Sessions are booked on first come first serve basis after payment is cleared.