Let’s get right to the recipe! Ingredients 70 grams of rice flour30 grams of crushed almonds. Make sure your almonds were roasted before you made them into flour. 1 tablespoon sugar or sweetner of your choice1 tablespoon raw cacao powderPinch of Pink Salt1 whole egg1 tablespoon ghee or organic pure butter Mix all your dryContinue reading “GLUTEN FREE BABY COOKIES”

Healthy Habits for Baby’s First Foods

I love introducing food to my (then) 5 month old. I love seeing him smack his lips and try to grab food before it’s even in front of his mouth. Baby’s are super explorers and everything in their environment will play with their senses. Baby’s have a natural instinct to put EVERYTHING in their mouth.Continue reading “Healthy Habits for Baby’s First Foods”

Rice Flour Chocolate Pancakes With Chocolate Syrup

Gluten free chocolate pancakes that take less than 10 minutes? I AM OBSESSED GUYSSS! Rice flour chocolate pancakes require only 5 ingredients : rice flour, cocoa powder, sugar, egg and butter for frying. The chocolate syrup is simply cocoa powder sugar and milk of your choice. Made instantly, who needs to worry about hidden toxins!Continue reading “Rice Flour Chocolate Pancakes With Chocolate Syrup”

Coconut Milk Baby Formula

This recipe is  from Dr Josh Axe. You can view the original post here. Coconut Milk Baby Formula Recipe Total Time: 5 minutes Serves: 1 INGREDIENTS: 2 cups canned coconut milk ½ cup coconut water 1 tablespoon collagen hydrosylate 3 ounces water (depending on thickness of other ingredients you may need to change quantity) ¼ teaspoon unflavoredContinue reading “Coconut Milk Baby Formula”