Workout Schedule

wroutine ss.001.jpeg

Length Of Each Workout

Each of my workout sets last no more than 45 minutes. For example, on chest and arm days, I need to complete my chest routine in 30 to 45 minutes. After chest I need to complete my arm routine within 45 minutes. Since I do bicep and tricep together, it usually takes my full 45 minutes to complete. My chest routine is short and simple so I usually finish that in less than 30 minutes. So these days I’m working out 1 hour 30 mins.

Back and shoulders are similar to chest and arm days. Working out the back takes me longer than shoulders. Usually back takes me one hour and shoulders 30 minutes.

Leg days are severe and dangerous. I spend full 45 minutes and some more killin it. Maximum time I like to spend 1 hour and 30 mins on legs. This includes warming up with GLUTE ACTIVATION as well.

So this routine continues through out the month

Warming Up & Rest Days

Warming up before every work out routine can actually set the quality of your exercise sets. So if you warm up properly then expect a great iron session. Likewise, if you ignore warming up and hit the weights a bit cocky then you can expect injury. Warming up is not for sissies, rather we must use it to get the best out of each muscle groups. In order to lift your best and work each muscle group fully, we should ( and better ) activate the muscle groups.

Resting one day after 6 days of working out has been working out great for me. But like I said, listening and understanding the body should be a part of our senses – a 6th sense.

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