How I Cured My Asthma

It’s a very touchy subject. Not for me, but for most of those reading. It’s almost as touchy as a religious topic. But I really don’t care if feelings are hurt or worlds are turned upside down because I am on a mission to inform the world of the truth when it comes to our health, wellbeing and strength. And the truth is : Our health is more under our control than we think. We have the power to reverse chronic illness, get stronger and never feel weak again. My life is so deeply rooted in this truth now that I can fight for it. 


I suffered from chronic and acute asthma since I was 7 years old. I remember the first doctors visit with my father and learning how to use the inhaler. Doctor told me it’s not curable. Infact, when you Google asthma, the top three website will tell you that asthma is not curable, and Wikipedia defines it as “inflammatory diseases”. 

It’s not true. Asthma is curable. Asthma is curable because it is an inflammatory disease which is triggered by certain factors in our lifestyle. These certain trigger factors are not only environmental, but internal as well. What really gets me mad is that commercial medicine is just a quick fix – a bandaid over the wound instead of locating the root cause is curing that. 

 From the age of 7 to 25, my life was absolute hell and winters were worse. Wheezing, and coughing all throughout the cold. When summer rolled around I could never really  outdoor activity. Running would trigger it. Heat would trigger it. Stress would trigger it. Weather would trigger it. Spring would trigger it. I routinely had to use a nebuliser. 

Let me break it down for you.  Internal factors are key to curing asthma. 


So what does our body need? Immune system needs to be more powerful. Hormones need to be balanced. 


Food & exercise. 

  • Cut out all inflammation causing foods : foods that cause inflammation are the main culprit in the Standard American Diet (SAD). SAD is not only in American but now all over the world. Everyone loves to eat breads, buns, and carbs which are processed with yeast, too much baking sodas and are void of nutrition. Eating them is pointless ! The body can not use it to recover and thrive. 

What are they?

  • Processed grains : Gluten – due to agricultural processes which no longer provide us with natural grains, gluten is a harmful protein in the grain. let’s go back a few 100 years ago when wheat and grains were naturally grown. Gluten sensitivity then? No way Jose. Eat your heart out ! But food of today’s time is not as innocent as it was years ago. What we eat now has the power to kill us slowly. Cut away these harmful inflammatory grains and you are good to go ! 
  • Processed dairy : Milk – get rid of it ! Cow’s milk is no longer a drink full of nutrition and help. Rather it’s full of puss, antibiotics and God knows what else leaks into it. What’s more is that milk molecules look similar to gluten and the body attacks it the same. If you have gluten sensitivity and asthma then milk is not your friend and never was. Kick that buster out of your life. 
  • Process & packaged foods containing refined sugar : all the junk food you can think of. What we need now is powerful healing foods for your body to repair and get stronger. If we want to stop asthma make sure it doesn’t come back then you need nutritious and more “natural” foods instead of the crap wrapped in colorful packages. 
  • Exercise daily to boost natural hormone production such as testosterone : girls, relax. Female bodies produce testosterone too, and we need it to live and be strong. Testosterone is needed to fight of illness and strengthen the immune system. When we are low testosterone then our body becomes weak and we fall sick. Excersing restores testosterone balance. You know how you feel strong and powerful after a workout? We think clear and are able to make executive decisions better? Well that’s your testosterone kicking in and helping you out. 

Food habit was one major factor my asthma was out of my control. I had no clue that I was sensitive to gluten and milk. I always had this rash on my right thigh that would come and go. Mostly around the time of my asthma season (winter). But I didn’t have the knowledge to connect the two. Now that I look back at it, when ever I was sick from wheezing and couching, the rash was present. The asthma and rash was my body telling me that I am allergic to the food I am eating. Is this true for you? Yes. But you will never know until you try it Does this mean you can inhale all the pollen during spring time and sniff dust bunnies? Not really. Pollen, dust and humidity is harmful for anyone no matter  if you have asthma or not !

Exercise is crucial. 

You better believe it. In healing the gut and strengthening the immune system, you need intense exercise. I know the first few weeks will be hard. I had to go to the gym wit my inhaler for 4 months. I couldn’t even walk on the treadmill without having to run to get a puff of medicine. It took me 4 months to come out of that. With exercising, testosterone production increasing. No you are not gonna look like a man, sheesh ! It will strengthen you physically, remember.

If you are a cardio bunny just walking on that treadmill then add some intense weight training. 

 My first deadlift while I was suffering from asthma was 60 kilo. I had no clue I could do it, but after I pulled I believed in myself. Which brings me to an important next point. 

Believe in your own self!

Confidence in important. You got this. Asthma is just a temporary condition. Don’t listen to anyone. Off course working out hard and brutal will help you gain more confidence in yourself. The brain is a muscle. You need to exercise and train your brain as well. All the blood flow and intense movements will produce Brain Derived Neurotrophic factors that improve hippocampus function. What I mean is confidence, self belief, and mental strength are physiological factors of the body which we can control. BELIEF IT. 

Eat right. 

As I explained before. eating right means cutting out the bad and replacing with the good. A high protein and fat diet is your new way of life. You will be adding more fresh, and raw vegetables. You will snack on fruit daily. You will eat the whole eggs and not waste that powerful yolk. You will include more healthy fats such as fish, coconut oil, nuts and better eat that steak. You will drink no less than 3 litres water daily. You will include natural probiotic foods such as fresh curd, fresh cheese, sauerkraut, etc. If you have sever lactose intolerance then skip the curd and cheese and supplement with good probiotics. 


Yes you will. You will make small changes in your life and cure the asthma. I did it. And  I am still asthma free. If I can then you can too. 



13 thoughts on “How I Cured My Asthma

  1. Hey as you said i need to leave dairy, is almond milk going to be perfect for asthma. I really lived your article it will surely help me and anybody with asthma. Thankyou


    1. Hi Chetna, thank you ! I really hopes it helps people feel better and stronger again. I have been asthma free for 5 years now! Almond milk is dairy free and perfectly fine if you have asthma. Dairy is only milk and milk products. Leaving dairy and gluten is one of the best things to do when you are on your journey to recovery. Keep in touch girl !


      1. Thankyou, yes i will surely be in touch and keep you updated with the progress, i have already left dairy week ago and feeling better, also trying buteyko’s exercise. I had another query do i also need to turn vegan or some fish and chicken would be fine.



    Yes you will. You will make small changes in your life and cure the asthma. I did it. And I am still asthma free. If I can then you can too. ” are so inspiring, they made me feel confident that i can do it. Thankyou. First time in life i am looking forward to cure my asthma. All because of you.


    1. I am just 22 and asthmatic since the age of 5. It feels really bad when all the friends are going for a trek and I can’t. But now i am quite determined that i will eliminate asthma completely from my life in next 1 year. How much time did it take you to be completely free from all medications?


      1. Chetna, it took me 6 months to completely be asthma free. But when i am in too much air pollution + humidity then sometimes i feel like its hard to breath, but it’s not asthma just the air pollution. treking would be amazing for your body. natural environment is so good for the body. walk barefeet in grass ! following a non-inflammatory lifestyle, you can be asthma free in 6 months !


  3. Oh ya air quality really bad here in India but i feel i have turned immune to bad air as i never have an attack during high aqi days but m really allergic to pollens. Thankyou for your advice, loved your blog. You are doing a great job!! I am finally on my healing journey.


  4. Hi Marina you are inspiring! As you know its october and this comes with a lot of coughing and wheezing most of the time for two years now I feel hopeless but reading your story gives me hope…I stop eating dairy and cookies that I was really into still dont noticed any difference but I do not excercise so maybe thats what I need?! I really want to have an active life but I am scared


    1. Hi Jessica 🙂 don’t be scared. You body needs raw materials to recover and strengthen your lungs, boost immune system and become stronger. For me, it was really helpful when I increased my protein intake. I started having whey protein ISOLATE – (no lactose). I really saw a big change. and exercise is your best bet at increasing over all strength. it has to be a part of your transformation plan. at first it will be hard. i was wheezing even while walking on treadmill 6 years ago. but i pushed through and i have not had an attack in 6 years!


  5. Hello Marina,
    Thank you for sharing your story to help others. Do you eat gluten free bread? Do you go to gluten free restaurants? Do you make morning smoothies, if so can you share your favorite one? What is your opinion on having daily garlic with honey?


  6. Hello, right now I’m doing a complete raw diet, no meat, no wheat or cereals and no milk. I eat two times per day. I have been doing it for 3 months now. I never feel stuffy anymore and here in Portugal I have had temperatures like 35 degrees.

    But for exercise the diet has done nothing.

    I still can’t run longer than 7 minutes and my lungs always still feel painful. My lungs still feel like stone.

    How long did it take for you before you noticed you could run longer?


    1. Hi Lisanne, i was on a high protein and low carb diet. I had high protein and high fats – both of which are essential nutrients that aid in recovery of the body. So I was able to jog for 30 mins straight very quickly. Have you tried adding in grass fed beef and butter to your diet? Email me so we can chat more :


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