Just like the moon – yes like the moon
You have traveled through a lot of phases
You have changed so many faces
Traveled so long – that it has already been noon
Before the darkness dawns in-lets sit a while- just a while!
Lets take a stroll back those phases
Does that hurt?
In a minutes journey – you might be smiling too
In a while your emotional fountain might just burst
Hold on to it, baby!

Don’t drop those precious pearls.
Boring – aint it, it made you sad.
You want to re-live few of those moments again
You want to rectify all the mistakes you did
Alas! All gone.

You are the hero – You are the villain
Of your own knitted story.
The story so far is well knit.
However, it might not be that neat.
The story at times is dark and not well lit.
Life doesnt come with the delete button
Doesn’t give us the erase option.

The masks we wore sometimes were so wrong
The ideas we created and passed were so not true.
Hold on to your emotional fountain, baby!
I know  – it lacks the push to smile and cherish and move ahead.

Yes that smile – that warm smile of yours.
It is the one which will work as cures.
Wear it on- it is never the wrong one.
Open your emotional fountain and spread it on.

A smile can make a grumpy granny funny some day.
A smile a day can  pave your success pathway
A smile a day is where your lovers happiness does stay
A smile a day can mould a sad child like a clay.
A smile a day is all that your mother wanted to come your way
A smile a day is all that your father worked hard for everyday

A smile – brightens the gloomy sky of thousands
Just like the full moon that sparkles and shades away all the stars.
The evening is yet to dawn in – the night is darker
Get up my friend- fish out the best feeling you had
Let the smile glow your face
Glow so bright- that let the glow enlighten the race.

Smile for yourself
Smile everyday
Smile to win
Smile to be fine
Smile to take care of yourself.
Smile  smile and smile genuinely.

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