Functional and Holistic regimen that delivers sustainable results

Use physical training, holistic nutrition, advanced supplements and expert coaching to transform your body and life into your best self.


Training under the expert guidance of Marina Farook means you will be training as per your body type, short term & long term goals. Your exercise regimen will include Weight training, resistance training, HIIT, functional and mobility drills; all to ensure longevity of your body and life long results.


In order to see results, your nutrition plan has to be personalised as per your physical needs, lifestyle, gut health and much more. You and Marina Farook will agree on a plan that best fits you and is sustainable. Marina Farook will use nutritional therapy to help you see best results.


In this day and age, there are thousands of supplements to choose from but only a handful that effectively boosts your health. Supplements are intended to improve an already balanced nutrition plan. Marina Farook’s experienced guidance will help you navigate the supplement industry.

 I was never someone who could stick to a proper diet plan, or even go to the gym. Losing weight never crossed my mind. After being diagnosed with a thyroid condition , I consulted a doctor in BD, who said “ Just be happy with how you are now, there is no way you can lose weight with your metabolism.” How sad.

I have clinical depression. I have high functioning anxiety. I have never worked out…like ever. There are days I don’t like getting out of bed. But I like a challenge.

I just needed someone who was patient with me and crazy enough to help me through it all. Marina Farook was the best thing that happened to me in 2019.

Arshia Atiq

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