#TheStrengthMovement is a movement that designs, develops & implements programmes that improve millennials and adults lifestyle.

#TheStrengthMovement improves strength in the following 3 areas :

  • Physical strength
  • Mental strength
  • Spiritual strength 


Backed by research and proof , we make the connection between:

and combined with the nervous system to bring about physical change in the leaders of tomorrow.

Want to really succeed in your business, studies and personal life? Yes there are ways to unleash your inner strengths and this knowledge shouldn’t be a secret for much long. Leaders of tomorrow deserve this know-how and coaching to usher in a new era of change.


Coach Yousuf and Coach Marina are leading pioneers in Bangladesh involved in youth development, mentoring, counselling and personal training. Using latest research into brain function, human nutrition, and gut micro-biome, both coaches use the law of 3 Dimensional Strength Gains to bring about a progressive change in tomorrows leaders.

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