The Health Food Co.

 The Health Food Co. is an initiative taken by Transformation & Strength Coach Marina Farook and her husband Sports Science expert Yousuf Farook, to provide accurately calibrated health meals to the greater Dhaka, Bangladesh Area. 

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The Health Food Co. Offers the Following

1. Cooked & frozen meals with specific nutrition to meet your goals. 

2. Detox Smoothies blended with locally sourced toxic free medicinal plants that boost your own detoxification pathways. 

3. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar free desserts.

4. High protein snacks for pre – post workout.

We are an exclusive gluten free kitchen, wheat, flour and dairy orders taken on special request. 

  • Because we understand every single ingredient being used to make your food.
  • Because we understand how every ingredient works inside your body. This in depth knowledge of food sciences helps us to tailor create a meal plan that boosts your own physical performance.
  • Because we have the accurate expertise in understanding macro-nutrition and micro-nutrition- thus being able to guarantee the quality of The Health Food Co. 
  • Because we understand food allergies very much. Gluten free living is not easy  (we know this from living gluten free for the past 5 years) this is why are understand the importance of keeping a gluten free kitchen and making sure cross contamination does not harm you. 
  • Because we understand how to create new recipes. This is especially important for those in a dairy free lifestyle who miss something as yummy ad cheesecake. We have taken the time to create new recipes, taste and tweak them to get the perfect product for you. 
  • Because we understand the importance of a macro perfect meal and high protein snacks.  In Dhaka, it is extremely hard to find a perfect high protein post workout snack without breaking your wallet. This is why we took the important task of creating an exclusive range high protein snacks that meat your post workout needs. 
  • Because we understand recycling. Our packaging is recycled and we request that you recycle everything or give it back to us after use so we can recycle, please and thank you! #SaveTheOceans
  • Because we, the creators of The Health Food Co., are “fit people” ourselves, and carry out a lifestyle that advocates proper physical strength and health, mental strength and social strength. This is why we are always able to perfectly facilitate a change that starts with food. Simply put, why buy health food from people who don’t understand how to be healthy themselves?
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