About My Hijjab

I am a Muslim women and I have chosen to wear the hijjab. I am always excited to answer questions about why I have chosen to follow this rule of Islam, but these days no one asks me anymore. This is probably because I am currently based in the muslim majority country of Bangladesh. (WeirdlyContinue reading “About My Hijjab”

4 Things I Found Hard After I Converted To Islam

I’ve met so many reverts/ converts that are curious about this topic. It’s different for everyone for sure! For me, here are the 4 things I found difficult when I first came to Islam. SALAH (PRAYER) Nothing compares to praying five times a day before you become Muslim. Changing a routine of a lifetime canContinue reading “4 Things I Found Hard After I Converted To Islam”

Cris “Cyborg” Wore Hijab, Support Muslimahs

If you don’t know, Cris “Cyborg” Santos is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist world champion with more haters than fans. Known for being a beast in the fight cage, her passionate personality outside fighting is heart warming. She is the number one pound for pound female fighter in the world according to ESPN. Undefeated forContinue reading “Cris “Cyborg” Wore Hijab, Support Muslimahs”