All About Caffeine & How You Can Use it Smartly

Benefits of Caffeine Caffeine For Enhancing Mental Performance Caffeine Myths & When To Avoid Caffeine does not create or exacerbate osteoporosis Caffeine does not appear to have a direct or indirect impact on estrogen or testosterone (i.e., caffeine does not appear to increase or decrease estrogen or testosterone) But excessive caffeine intake does increase sex hormone binding globulin,Continue reading “All About Caffeine & How You Can Use it Smartly”

Hunger, Fatigue & Depression

Assalamualaikum Dearies, ¬†I would like to get an advice for the problem I am having. For the past few months I am always hungry and tired even after eating a good amount of food. I am having sleeping problems and almost always irritated plus gained a a lot of weight which is leading me toContinue reading “Hunger, Fatigue & Depression”

5 Reasons to Start Having Coconut Oil

When I talk about super foods, coconut oil is top on my list. Coconut oil is not something new that we recently discovered. ¬†Actually, ancient cultures have been using coconut oil for centuries as holistic means of staying healthy and strong. There are over 1500 studies proving that coconut oil is one of the healthiestContinue reading “5 Reasons to Start Having Coconut Oil”