Does Ab Exercise Give You Abs?

One of the biggest concerns of women who are new to working out is : can I get abs by doing more ab workouts? The answer is straight and easy: NO! But before you give up on your transformation journey,  read on to find out how to keep lean, strong and increase quality of your life. Continue reading “Does Ab Exercise Give You Abs?”

Diastasis Recti Recovery Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor PDF download

Hi ladies ! Thank you attending the Diastasis Recti : Abs, Core & Pelvic Pelvic programme. Here is the slide show I used during your workshop. Reviewing through it should refresh your memory about what we talked about. Click on the link to download. For assistance and support feel to get in touch.    DRContinue reading “Diastasis Recti Recovery Abs, Core & Pelvic Floor PDF download”