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Our body is a vessel that carries our mind. A strong body can carry a strong mentality. And if your body is weak then guess how your mind will be? Physical fitness is the core to any person’s existence. Building a strong physique has helped us in all areas of our life. But working out isn’t the only thing that creates a stronger you. We focus on eating cleanthinking positivelyhelping others and growing stronger in all aspects of life.  So, can you tell our fitness routines includes more than just iron therapy?

Updates On the Blog

Some of my post get updated and reinforced with new info I might have added due to coming across new research / information. So please come back to your fav reads for a quick check of updates.

Gluten Free / Dairy Free Food

Yousuf and I have been gluten free / dairy free for 2 years now (It’s him not me, lol). It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I mean, at first I had no clue what to cook. We both missed the foods we love so much. It got easier with time. Most of my recipes are gluten free and dairy free except for those I mention clearly in the beginning. For those of you on a GF / DF diet, I feel ya homie.

Life Shenanigans 

There are series of writings by other authors about life and all the shenanigans it contains. I hope you will enjoy these reads and perhaps share some of your moments to be featured on my blog.

Lastly, About Me

I am a

licensed aircraft maintenance engineer / health coach / entrepreneur / southern girl from Florida / Believer of One God – spreader of kindness (Muslim) / animal lover / avid cook /

But my favorite most of all is being the wife of a mma fighter / power lifter aka soul mate Yousuf. Together we have created a safe haven called marriage where we help each other to grow and just be ourselves.

So, I have said enough. I really hope you enjoy my blog, leave your comments, share with your buddies and keep coming back to see how I keep transforming while heading in the direction of my goals.

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