Mentoring with Marina


Mentoring with Marina Farook is approach to mental strength & wellness that considers the whole person (and not just isolated symptoms), one that strives to find the root cause of imbalance and un-wellness (Functional Medicine).

Enabling the body to heal itself by providing individualized nutritional therapy at the core of recovery – food as medicine!

Proper nutrition is key to healing, and recovery. Food is the raw materials the body needs to find strength and mental clarity.

Using the latest findings in genetics and other cutting-edge lab testing to guide individuals towards optimal health.*

This the ONLY Wellness Mentoring program that instructs you in:

  • Functional Mind – Body Holistic Healing
  • Individualized Functional nutrition, exercise, and meditation programs.
  • Hoslitic approach to healing and recovery
  • Scientifically proven supplement Smart Supplements and essential oil protocols
  • Integrative Medicine protocols that actually reverse dis-ease
  • Trauma release  and emotional healing tools
  • Strength Training to over come mental & emotional barriers
  • Weekly Scheduled Mentoring Sessions
  • Integrating spirituality and mental strength – The Marina Farook Way

Programme Includes:

  1. Personal Wellbeing and Recovery Plan of Action
  2. 3 months Functional Nutritional Therapy Recovery Plan
  3. 5 Mentoring sessions, lasting 45 mins each*
  4. 24 hrs access to Marina Farook*
  5. Study Notes & Materials
  6. Online Learning
  7. And much more!



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*24 hr access to Marina Farook is through text messages only.

*Additional mentoring sessions not included in the Mentoring with Marina programme, charges will apply.