Discovery Session

Delivering Impactful Results

Onetime Consultation with Marina Farook is a 60 minutes consultation session allowing you to have your health, fitness, strength training and transformation questions answered. 

  • Duration: 60 mins block
  • Media: Face to Face, Video session through Skype, Facebook Video Call or Whatsapp Video Call
  • Countries applicable: International
  • This is available for women only. 

During this session, we discuss your general lifestyle and set goals for you to reach.

Please note, this session does not give you a nutrition / meal plan. I can not give you a nutrition plan unless you start a nutrition programme and come under 30 to 45 days of guidance and coaching. 

During our initial session, we go through which of my programme can better suit your lifestyle and how to get started in your Total Transformation. Ask your personal questions and find out what can really work for you in terms of nutrition, supplementation and a functional workout regimen.

Please take the following steps before scheduling your Discovery Session:
1. Keep a food log for 5 days, write down your food intake, water intake, sleep and even mood.
2. Bring all your medical reports
3. Bring all medications and supplements you are taking
4. Write down questions you would like to discover
5. Think ad note down about what goals you would like to achieve

During this session we discuss about your awareness, clarity and choice of making powerful lifestyle changes that bring on sustainable results. The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is a powerful conversation of accountability. It creates reflective learning conversation that draws out deep insights from my clients. Being able to hear our inner voice and thus drawing out a self-directed solution is probably the key to the desired outcome and with sustainable results. 

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The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation model is very simple and yet very powerful. I strongly believe that self awareness is key to transformation. – Marina Farook

Price: $25.00 for 60 mins block / 2,000 taka

Payment process:

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  2. Email transaction ID / screen shot
  3. Set up date

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