Children’s Nutrition Programme

Eat Healthier, Gain Confidence, Feel Great

Kids, teens & families feel better, exercise more and eat healthier

Children need a healthy nutrition plan the most! For their growing needs, we must provide them with natures best nutrition, supplementation, exercise, hydration and sleep according to their specific bodies requirements.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Second consultation
  • Third Consultation (end of the programme)
  • Childs nutrition plan ( see below)
  • Coaching and guidance to ease into better lifestyles
  • Nutritional Coaching for Mommy
  • 24 hours assistance
  • and much more


Decide wether you want to start the programme right away or meet for an initial consultation. If you want to be sure about this programme before getting started, schedule a One Time Consultation to ask questions and set your goals. If you are an international client, you can schedule your appointment through video conferencing. 

If you are sure you want to start the programme right away, then schedule an appointment, and prepare your materials for the initial meet. You will need to bring the following:

  1. Recent medical reports of last 24 months
  2. All reports of diagnosed conditions
  3. Medication or Supplements your child is taking
  4. 7 days of food, mood and sleep log. Please maintain this log 7 days before our initial session.
  5. Prepare and bring with you a list of questions you have so we can answer your questions thoroughly

During our sessions, I ask questions which help me understand your child’s current health and gut condition. We analyse his lifestyle and daily habits and discuss lifestyle changes that will be easy for the whole family to transition into. 

The nutrition plan is then worked on and sent to you, the Mom. Before meeting the second time, I request you put the new nutrition plan into full swing and monitor changes in your child behaviour. Keeping another log for 7 days is best. We have a second meet to discuss the changes and adjustments. 


  1. Food / meal options with timing
  2. Recommended supplements
  3. Sleep time
  4. Play time
  5. Any and all adjustments that child needs to reach their goals
  6. etc
  7. 24/7 Coaching connection through Cell phone / Whatsapp / Facebook 


30 – 45 days, starting from when the supplements arrive.


  1. Feed the child wholesome, clean, best of nature foods
  2. Avoid inflammatory foods such as:
    sugar / junk  in liquid or solid foods
    processed wheat and flour
    commercial dairy and lactose
    packaged and ultra processed foods
  3. Increase essential fats such as ghee, coconut oil, red meats, clean fishes and supplement with essential fats such as Omega 3 rich Krill oil, etc. This helps children boost their HGH (human growth hormones) which boost body and brain development.
  4. Teach kids – which actually start with the parents – to have a healthy relationship with food. Let them grocery shop, load the fridge, wash and cut produce, set the table, eat with their own hands, clean up. Get them involved !
  5. Don’t force feed. If your child hates something, we have to understand what is triggering them. 
  6. Understand allergies ! This is very important to me, as we have lots of misconceptions about food allergies and we misunderstand many of them. Coaching you, the Mommy is a major portion of this children’s nutrition programme. 
  7. Prevent chronic disease. For children, their major advantage is their growing hormones. If we set better lifestyle habits now, we can turn on their good genes, shut off their bad genes and optimise their health and prepare them for a successful life ahead.
  8. Make habits for the whole family. Although this nutrition programme is targeted to improve your child’s health, the lifestyle adjustments can be applied to each member of your family. 
  9. Prioritise sleep, play and getting bored. This allows for optimal growth of the brain. This allows the metabolism and hormones to act in accordance of the natural biological clock, other wise known as the Circadian Rhythm. 
  10. Be ready to fail. Setting good habits takes time. We can not rush and this is not a crash diet course. Be patient and be curious to try new things. 


26,000 taka; please and thank you.

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