About My Hijjab

I am a Muslim women and I have chosen to wear the hijjab. I am always excited to answer questions about why I have chosen to follow this rule of Islam, but these days no one asks me anymore. This is probably because I am currently based in the muslim majority country of Bangladesh. (WeirdlyContinue reading “About My Hijjab”

Spiritual Detox

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Ramadhan isn’t close by. Don’t wait until the first of Ramadhan to detox yourself spiritually. Wouldn’t you rather meet Allah swt in that blessed month with a clean heart in one of the most blessed months? So here’s some green juice for the soul! RECONNECT WITH YOUR SALAH Salah (prayer) is theContinue reading “Spiritual Detox”

Ep 1: The Silent Companion

The moment a child becomes a teenager, things start to become extremely baffling. Well, it’s not literally one moment but more like a serious of episodes. With a sudden flow of unexplained emotions, and developments in the physical side (for some and not so for others) – life in general starts to feel almost tooContinue reading “Ep 1: The Silent Companion”