Soul Soup Healthy Version

I really couldn’t think of a name for this dish. Soul Soup – although it’s not really soup- is the only thing that describes this properly. It’s a lentil pumpkin puree with smoked peppers topped with pan grilled chicken, pan fried shrimp and garlic stir fried greens. Well that about sums up the whole recipe,Continue reading “Soul Soup Healthy Version”

Spicey Stir-fry Chicken & Baked Carrots

Chicken INGREDIENTS 400 grams chicken breast – cut into small strips 1 tspn onion powder 1tspn garlic powder 1 tspn dry basil leaves 1 tblspn Sriracha sauce ( more or less depending on your spice taste) 1 tblspn tomato puree Salt & black pepper 2 tspn melted butter RECIPE Mix sriracha and tomato puree inContinue reading “Spicey Stir-fry Chicken & Baked Carrots”

Workout Schedule

Length Of Each Workout Each of my workout sets last no more than 45 minutes. For example, on chest and arm days, I need to complete my chest routine in 30 to 45 minutes. After chest I need to complete my arm routine within 45 minutes. Since I do bicep and tricep together, it usuallyContinue reading “Workout Schedule”

Almond Date Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free

INGREDIENTS 100 grams dates (processed in processor until mashed) 100 grams almonds (roasted and ground) 150 to 200 grams gram flour / besan / chickpea flour 2 tablespoon cocoa powder (more if you like) 3 large eggs Dash of vanilla extract Pinch of salt Water to mix into batter ( about 1’ish cup) METHOD PreheatContinue reading “Almond Date Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free”

7 Successful Exercises To Tone Arms

Here are 7 successful and result proven exercises to tone your arms and feel good in sleeveless tops PLUS my current workout. Arms ( between shoulder and elbows) have 2 main muscle groups : biceps and triceps. Your arms maybe fat and jiggly due to the amount of fat around your muscles. Yes, your musclesContinue reading “7 Successful Exercises To Tone Arms”

Macro-Nutrients : The Secret To Fitness

It’s not a secret any more. Fitness athletes, celebs, and every “fit” person you see has knowledge they use to stay healthy and fit. And that knowledge is no secret. It’s pure science, common sense, discipline and dedication. You see a fit body with curves but what you don’t see is the hard-work, tears, sweatContinue reading “Macro-Nutrients : The Secret To Fitness”

Crispy Baked Basa

  INGREDIENTS  4 large catfish ( pangash  or known as basa ) steaks – works better than fillet 2 teaspoon ginger paste 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon coriander powder 1 or 2 teaspoon red chilli paste (optional, fish tastes equally good without this) salt to taste RECIPE  add all ingredientsContinue reading “Crispy Baked Basa”