About My Hijjab

I am a Muslim women and I have chosen to wear the hijjab. I am always excited to answer questions about why I have chosen to follow this rule of Islam, but these days no one asks me anymore. This is probably because I am currently based in the muslim majority country of Bangladesh. (WeirdlyContinue reading “About My Hijjab”

Meet Shazia From ShazFit

If you know me then you know how obsessed I am with fellow #StrongSisters who are working hard to spread the #TheStrengthMovement. I 👏 AM 👏 OBSESSED 👏 WITH 👏 SHAZIA 👏 Not only do I love her lifestyle which includes strength as a core of her being, but I love her sincere efforts to spread the love and knowledge. SheContinue reading “Meet Shazia From ShazFit”