Ramadan Resolution?

What’s this whole Ramadan month about anyway? Getting hungry and controlling hanger isn’t the only thing. Ramadan is a month to make spiritual gains, mental strength gains and off course physical gains. Ramadan for Muslims, is a month to really focus on what matters the most : ourselves and self care. What I feel isContinue reading “Ramadan Resolution?”

Work Smart Then Work Hard

PART I : FIT FOR SUCCESS When you see successful people around you, you are looking at a systematic execution of a well written plan. A plan which had a good couple hours head banging and brainstorming, researching into methods of delivery / implementation; and off course repeating same actions over and over again. When we thinkContinue reading “Work Smart Then Work Hard”

Sadaqah All Year

You can never give too much sadaqah! On-going charity  (sadaqah jarriyah) is one of the best forms of charity to give. It’s not just about money. Daily practical actions can bring us loads of good deeds. It’s as easy as remembering to practice them. Remember to spread the word of this post – sharing knowledgeContinue reading “Sadaqah All Year”

9 Tips For New Mom’s

For first-time moms, the transition to motherhood can can be quite difficult.Taking care of an infant while still adjusting to the major changes  can leave most mothers really overwhelmed. Luckily, there are coping methods and solutions to help ease through delicate times. Below I have listed some tips which I myself have found useful whenContinue reading “9 Tips For New Mom’s”

Be An Adviser Not A Criticizer

A lot of people tend to criticize others but they often don’t realize what their (sometimes false) judgment can do to their feelings. We should always try to feel with others and not do anything that hurts them. And that’s why I advise you to advise people, not criticize them. So, if you do see or hear aboutContinue reading “Be An Adviser Not A Criticizer”