Best Egg Salad

Egg Salad:2 boiled eggs – more eggs if you need100 grams boiled potato with skin, cut into cubes – or any other shape you prefer.1 tablespoon freshly choped corianderHalf cup chopped tomatoPinch of himalyan salt, black pepper & white pepperDash of italian herbs such as thyme, basil1 heaping tablespoon of your favorite mayonnaise. Mix allContinue reading “Best Egg Salad”

Meal Plan Like A Boss

OK, so┬áit’s not rocket science. There is a systematic and effect way of planning your meals ahead of time AND being good at it. Take it from me, being organised with food, groceries and meal time is waaaaay easier than frantically brainstorming what to cook while running through other chores. Well, I know that youContinue reading “Meal Plan Like A Boss”