Supplement Review MuscleMeds + Beef Protein Pancakes Recipe

*This is not a paid promotion. This is a personal review of the product mentioned. Ok guys, before you freak out on this one, let me explain. Beef protein is high quality protein that digests slowly. Did you read my previous article on The Truth About Whey? In that article I talk about how fastContinue reading “Supplement Review MuscleMeds + Beef Protein Pancakes Recipe”

Snow Peas & Chicken Stir Fry

Is there any limit to being obsessed with food? God, I hope not! I am obsessed with how easy this lunch prep was. As with most of my recipes, I am coming up with it right then and there, this was another blessed result of rushing through the kitchen to get fresh food on the table.Continue reading “Snow Peas & Chicken Stir Fry”