Ramadan Fasting Benefits

The Muslim calendar is a lunar calender that has 12 months. Ramadan is the 9th month of the year. In the month of Ramadan, we observe fasting from sun rise to sun set.  Fasting is an obligatory act of worship in Islam and it comes with a great many spiritual, physical, mental and social benefits.Continue reading “Ramadan Fasting Benefits”

Sadaqah All Year

You can never give too much sadaqah! On-going charity  (sadaqah jarriyah) is one of the best forms of charity to give. It’s not just about money. Daily practical actions can bring us loads of good deeds. It’s as easy as remembering to practice them. Remember to spread the word of this post – sharing knowledgeContinue reading “Sadaqah All Year”

Spiritual Detox

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Ramadhan isn’t close by. Don’t wait until the first of Ramadhan to detox yourself spiritually. Wouldn’t you rather meet Allah swt in that blessed month with a clean heart in one of the most blessed months? So here’s some green juice for the soul! RECONNECT WITH YOUR SALAH Salah (prayer) is theContinue reading “Spiritual Detox”

4 Things I Found Hard After I Converted To Islam

I’ve met so many reverts/ converts that are curious about this topic. It’s different for everyone for sure! For me, here are the 4 things I found difficult when I first came to Islam. SALAH (PRAYER) Nothing compares to praying five times a day before you become Muslim. Changing a routine of a lifetime canContinue reading “4 Things I Found Hard After I Converted To Islam”

3 Easy Deeds For Mega Rewards

For those of you short on time, here are the 3 deeds which reap tremendous rewards. Giving salam to everyone and giving complete salam. Reciting surah mulk after maghrib Saying bismillah and alhumdullillah. Now let’s take a deeper dive into understanding these simple yet powerful actions. As easy as it may look, the above three actionsContinue reading “3 Easy Deeds For Mega Rewards”