How To Increase Your Deadlift

The deadlift is a compound movement that requires both upper body and lower body power. Getting up to the next level in in your pull requires you gain strength in upper body and lower body areas. This is commons sense guys. Doing Higher reps of your max deadlift is a great idea but I personallyContinue reading “How To Increase Your Deadlift”

Weight Training for Beginners

Welcome to this amazing world of weight training. I can safely say that you are about to unlock a new level of your personal success. I hope you are not just weight training to lose weight. I mean, off course there are going to be many aesthetics wins along the way, but you can surelyContinue reading “Weight Training for Beginners”

The Main Reason Women Should Build Muscle

I am obsessed with building muscle, (naturally off course). Building muscle isn’t just for men. We women need to focus on strength gains too. Long past are the days when muscle used to be enjoyed by body builders. Backed by science, we now know that muscle mass is an important asset to women. And IContinue reading “The Main Reason Women Should Build Muscle”

Exercise & Anti-aging

I am pretty sure you know how good exercise is for you. You’ve even made some significant changes in your life to fit the ideal definition of fit-spo. Workout clothes, supplements, sneakers, sports bras, all check. Smoothies, salad, protein, check and check. But sadly, you (and us all) still lack a bit of motivation someContinue reading “Exercise & Anti-aging”

6 weeks : GAINS PLAN for advanced lifters

*This lifting routine is for advanced lifters only. Alternate rest days will ensure maximum strength gains which further facilitate increasing weight. The goal is to lift heavy – pick a suitable which allows no less than 5 reps and go as high as you can reaching failure. Lifestyle and nutrition adjustments are necessary to achieve maxContinue reading “6 weeks : GAINS PLAN for advanced lifters”