Weight Scale Number Comparison

    Checking your weight can be a good thing if you understand what the numbers mean AND you are using a smart scale to truly analyse your body. These numbers can be a good guidance that helps you tailor your own transformation program. NUMBERS SHOULD NEVER BE THE ONLY GUIDANCE YOU USE! Looking inContinue reading “Weight Scale Number Comparison”

Body Composition, Fat vs Muscle

This is an important topic! Too many times women ask me, why does my weight not change? It all comes down to BODY COMPOSITION. This means what are you composed of- how much fat : muscle : bone : water etc If you are on a journey to become healthier, then shedding toxic body fatContinue reading “Body Composition, Fat vs Muscle”

Does Ab Exercise Give You Abs?

One of the biggest concerns of women who are new to working out is : can I get abs by doing more ab workouts? The answer is straight and easy: NO! But before you give up on your transformation journey,  read on to find out how to keep lean, strong and increase quality of your life. Continue reading “Does Ab Exercise Give You Abs?”

3 Mistakes You’re Making When It Comes to Burning Body Fat

  Burning body fat is not magic, and definitely no secret. You don’t require anything special or expensive gym membership and not even expensive food. All you need is the right perception of how your body works and proper knowledge of how to make your body into a fat burning machine. All of this startsContinue reading “3 Mistakes You’re Making When It Comes to Burning Body Fat”

Yohimbine HCL – The Super Fat Burner Supplement

Yohimbine HCL is the synthetic version of Yohimbine extract from the yohimbe tree. Yohimbine HCL safer and results proven, due to its highly controlled dosages.  Yohimbe (the tree and bark, and its subset yohimbine (the extract), are fat-burning compounds, primarily used to lose fat during short term fasting. Yohimbine is found naturally occurring primarily asContinue reading “Yohimbine HCL – The Super Fat Burner Supplement”


WILL BHB SALTS , KETONE SALTS HELP ME BURN MORE FAT WHILE I AM ON KETOSIS? BHB stands for beta hydroxybutyrate, and is a new hype in the ketosis weight loss world since 2014. And in short to answer your question, I will have to say no. Understanding ketosis is the real way to actually knowContinue reading “BHB SALTS / KETO SALS – SUPPLEMENT REVIEW”

Weight Training for Beginners

Welcome to this amazing world of weight training. I can safely say that you are about to unlock a new level of your personal success. I hope you are not just weight training to lose weight. I mean, off course there are going to be many aesthetics wins along the way, but you can surelyContinue reading “Weight Training for Beginners”

3 Best Cardio

Exercises are classified into two categories : aerobic or anaerobic. When it comes to working out, cardio refers to exercises that raise your heartbeat pushing your heart to deliver more oxygen to the required muscles. Exercises that require the constant delivery of oxygen is known as aerobics. The words cardio and aerobics can be interchanged. YouContinue reading “3 Best Cardio”