Chicken burger

Easy chicken burger for weeknights or week ends. You can make these in advance, freeze and pan fry right before eating. It stays good frozen for up to 4 weeks, but make sure it’s wrapped in a airtight packing. In this recipe, I use 1 kilo of chicken breast which cooks down to approximately 700Continue reading “Chicken burger”

BEST Fried Chicken Batter Gluten Free

You know how I am obsessed with stuff that are easy, delicious and super awesome? Well, this is no different!  Jumping with joy how easy this is. and here is the secret super awesome part…THIS BATTER CAN BE USED ANYWHERE!  Crunchy potato chips? YES. Veg fritters? YES. Anything you like deep fried in honor ofContinue reading “BEST Fried Chicken Batter Gluten Free”

7 min Chicken Zucchini

First off, yes you can make this 7 minute chicken with other vegetables than zucchini. Cooking time : 7 minutes Seasoning : chopped onions and salt Ingredients : sliced boneless chicken (cooks faster) 1 cup zuchini 1 tablspoon / 1 small onion chopped green chillis Procedure : heat frying pan and add your choice ofContinue reading “7 min Chicken Zucchini”

Quick Chicken Roll

Remember the gluten free “flat bread” from the other post and how I was dancing with joy after finding such an easy alternative to flat breads? Well here is a good way to enjoy those bad boys – a chicken roll! TRUST ME : SCHOOL / OFFICE / GYM lunch just got a heck ofContinue reading “Quick Chicken Roll”

Spicey Stir-fry Chicken & Baked Carrots

Chicken INGREDIENTS 400 grams chicken breast – cut into small strips 1 tspn onion powder 1tspn garlic powder 1 tspn dry basil leaves 1 tblspn Sriracha sauce ( more or less depending on your spice taste) 1 tblspn tomato puree Salt & black pepper 2 tspn melted butter RECIPE Mix sriracha and tomato puree inContinue reading “Spicey Stir-fry Chicken & Baked Carrots”