Infused Hair Oil

Oiling your hair is super good. Surprise if you ain’t know yet. Oiling provides essential minerals and vitamins which are easily absorbed by hair. It revitalises and disinfects at the same time. With so many natural oils so choose from, it’s really hard to decide which to use first. But I found it best toContinue reading “Infused Hair Oil”

Cellulite Remover Coffee Bean Scrub

Whose got cellutlite? I DO ! And just about every other person on this planet has it or had it before they used expensive laser treatments to get rid of it. All those expensive cellulite creams and scrubs have one thing in common – your hands. No matter what you use, all those potions requiresContinue reading “Cellulite Remover Coffee Bean Scrub”

6 Steps to Reveal Your Best Skin

Finally, here is a compilation of true and effective information you need to know in order to reveal your best skin. The reason I say “reveal”  is that  our skin is a reflection of our gut health. A healthy gut results in smooth skin with that lovely natural glow. On the other hand, if your gut is weak, irritated from allergens, constipated, orContinue reading “6 Steps to Reveal Your Best Skin”