Calcium After Eliminating Dairy

I want to free my diet of dairy to facilitate fat loss, what would be the way to make up for calcium (other than sun light ). Is there any suppliment I can take ? Answer: The best food source of calcium out there is that from raw milk (NOT conventional, pasteurized milk) and otherContinue reading “Calcium After Eliminating Dairy”

Basic Strength Training & Weight Loss

Questions: 1. When someone is strength training, can they gain weight? 2. Is strength training an effective way to weight loss? 3. If I have a cup of rice everyday , will that affect my weight loss negatively? (I know this question is just too specific lol)   Answers: 1. When someone is strength training,Continue reading “Basic Strength Training & Weight Loss”

Does Spot Reduction Work?

DOING ABS WILL GIVE YOU ABS?   In the sports industry we call this “spot reduction” meaning if you work a certain area, the fat in that area will decrease faster. This idea of sport reduction has been said to not work for decades, until in 2007, a study published in the American Journal ofContinue reading “Does Spot Reduction Work?”