BODYTRANSFORM12 is a comprehensive fitness plan designed to fit your specific needs. BT12 is an intensive 12 week course which covers nutrition, exercise and health coaching to keep you on track. 


  • Initial Consultation
  • Online Meal & Exercise Log (OMEL)
  • 3 Days of exercise  coaching with me (mandatory)
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Plan covering 12 weeks
  • Intensive Exercise Plan covering 12 weeks
  • Access to Online Videos
  • 24 hrs assistance through any communication media


Set up an appointment and prepare your materials for the initial meet. Initial meet up : discuss your fitness goals, thorough background checkup, pay your fees. Your meal and exercise plan is completed in 3 -4 days. After completion, you will need to come in 3 days for the exercise coaching. Your OMEL is given to your electronically and explained to you thoroughly on day 1 of exercise coaching


Your nutrition plan is a meal plan tailored to suit your specific requirements and help you achieve your fitness goal. Ranging from fat loss to recovering from illness or both, this nutrition plan will provide you options of meals you can choose from. You will be provided with an Online Meal Log for you to log in your meals daily. Your Online Meal Log is routinely monitored to make sure you are making your daily macro nutrients. Our initial consultation will include in depth review of your medical records, current lifestyle and daily habits for me to understand your fully. So come prepared to talk!


So we have finalised your fitness goal for the next 12 weeks. Now it is time for you to learn exercise secrets! We will spend 3 to 4 hours learning exercise and it’s techniques which will help you to reach your fitness goals. Is there a right way and a wrong way to exercise? Yes absolutely. I will show you which is more effective and what will bring your lasting results. You will need to spend 3 days with me, approximately 1 hour each (can be longer) so I can teach you how to exercise properly. It is preferred that we begin the 3 Day Exercise Coaching as soon you are provided with the OMEL. 

Day 1 : Receiving and understanding OMEL. Learning to exercise lower body

DAY 2 : Learning to exercise Back / delts

Day 3 : Learning to exercise bicep / tricep / chest


Reaching your fitness goal is a matter of exercising regularly and eating clean daily. Once we set your fitness goal, I will tailor a specific exercise routine for you to complete daily. Our 3 days of exercising coaching will help you to understand this better. 


Yes, I have online videos you can access through Google Drive or Hotmail Once drive. Available to you 24 hours a day, you can login and view any videos to help you refresh your mind on how to complete an exercise. This is special only for you if you join the BT12. 


Yes, off course you can visit me when you feel the need to refreshen and up the inspo!


Got a quick question about exercise or eating? Don’t worry I got your covered! Once in this programme, I am automatically at your service 24 hrs a day to make sure your questions are answered satisfactorily. I even go a bit into research and latest findings to help you understand how the body works.

Contact for pricing and scheduling an free 1 time consultation.