Pregnancy And The Movies

When it comes to pregnancy, we can all have Hollywood like thoughts of all pink or all blue baby rooms, lots of gifts, and walking around in polka dotted maxi dressed. But real life mommies face more than that!  Sister Rayeesa Tabassum shares her pregnancy and it was similar and different to the movies. FiveContinue reading “Pregnancy And The Movies”

3 Easy Deeds For Mega Rewards

For those of you short on time, here are the 3 deeds which reap tremendous rewards. Giving salam to everyone and giving complete salam. Reciting surah mulk after maghrib Saying bismillah and alhumdullillah. Now let’s take a deeper dive into understanding these simple yet powerful actions. As easy as it may look, the above three actionsContinue reading “3 Easy Deeds For Mega Rewards”