Constant Headaches and A Quick Tip

Fasting – or just daily life –  can bring on a constant head ache that does not go away.  I have heard from too many of my clients and people around me they have been suffering from long term headaches. Good news is this is something that is very much under your control. Sometimes, even whenContinue reading “Constant Headaches and A Quick Tip”

Nuts – Are You Eating A Toxic Mold?

Nuts! A great way to improve your lipid profile and make sure you are balancing your intake of fats. Nuts are a good source of unsaturated fats (mono and poly). Increasing your intake of nuts (as per your individual nutrition needs) is a good idea IF you know how to properly handle them; which mostContinue reading “Nuts – Are You Eating A Toxic Mold?”

Does Ab Exercise Give You Abs?

One of the biggest concerns of women who are new to working out is : can I get abs by doing more ab workouts? The answer is straight and easy: NO! But before you give up on your transformation journey,  read on to find out how to keep lean, strong and increase quality of your life. Continue reading “Does Ab Exercise Give You Abs?”

Injured Knee and Pain

Question Hi Marina, I had a question and I feel you can help me out a little with it. So I injured my knee a few years back while running. Back then my doctor told me to lay off running because apparently I have arthritis tendencies. Since then I don’t risk it and stopped running. Recently, I’veContinue reading “Injured Knee and Pain”

Physical Fitness & Strength for Office Workers

Most of us are confined to our desk jobs for long hours, five to six days a week. If we live far away from our offices, the traffic keeps us more sedentary. This makes me wonder… 1. How dangerous is sitting for prolonged hours, in regards to our health? (e.g. muscle atrophy) 2. If IContinue reading “Physical Fitness & Strength for Office Workers”

Ball Roll Feet Massage

A common tennis ball can serve as a useful tool for strengthening and rehabilitating your feet. Whether you have an injury, high arches, flat feet, bunions or calluses, tennis ball exercises for feet provide an easy, inexpensive self-maintenance tool for healthy feet. Rolling the foot with a tennis ball provides a self-controlled massage and stretchContinue reading “Ball Roll Feet Massage”

Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, & Correct Exercise

Re: adrenal fatigue When I researched how to manage hypothyroidism, I came across the term “adrenal body type” and “adrenal fatigue”. If you tend to have an adrenal body time, you are discouraged to do heavy exercises (HIIT, heavy anabolic exercises) and do more catabolic exercises (yoga, etc). I am someone who has struggled toContinue reading “Adrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, & Correct Exercise”