How to have ACV


How much of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar would you recommend per day? At what dosage? And when (Time, after/before meal etc)? Does the same apply for both male and female? And please add anything else that’s important about consuming apple cider vinegar the RIGHT WAY.



ACV is a true superfood which was discovered about 5000 years ago. The active component of ACV is acetic acid. Good quality ACV are the ones that are murky and not clear, meaning that the “mother of vinegar” has not been filtered out. “Mother of vinegar” is a web like amino acid that forms on top of the ACV when it is aged. If your ACV is murky and has “things” settled in the bottom then you now you have the best kind. 


Vinegar is anti-glycemic and benefits blood sugar levels. The acetic acid in vinegar lowers blood sugar by preventing the complete digestion of carbohydrates. This is done by accelerating gastric emptying or increasing the uptake of glucose by bodily tissues.

Acid Reflux

“Acid reflux results from having too little acid in your stomach. You can easily improve the acid content of your stomach by taking one tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water daily. The pectin in apple cider vinegar may also help to soothe intestinal spasms.

In addition, ACV not only effectively stimulates digestive juices that help the body break down food, but it also contains healthy acids like isobutryic, acetic, propionic and lactic acid that can control the growth of unwanted yeast and bacteria in your stomach and throughout your body.”


Candida overgrowth happens when the body is too acidic from excessive intake of processed foods or sugar combined with insufficient good bacteria in your gut.  Remember, you have more gut bacteria DNA in your body than your own DNA. Gut bacteria regulate every bit of function in your brain and body. Good gut bacteria means you are thriving well, healthy and disease free. ACV is fermented with a beneficial yeast, and serves as a prebiotic for healthy bacteria. Drinking ACV on the regular is essential in to helping good bacteria grow.


  1. How much of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar would you recommend per day?

In all the studies with ACV, great results were shown after having 1 to 2 teaspoons. These studies include benefits in acid reflux, obesity, heart health, diabetes, sinus congestion and so much more. 

2. Does the same apply for both male and female?

Yes, the studies were done on male and female participants. 

3. The right way to consume ACV

a. You can add 1 to 2 teaspoons in water and have it in the morning. 

b. You can add 1 to 2 teaspoons in water and have it before meals. 

c. You can also drink ACV water at night before bed, this helps with blood sugar levels. 

A study at Arizona State University tested 11 volunteers with type 2 diabetes (diagnosed by a doctor) who weren’t taking insulin but continued taking their prescription medications.

Each participant took 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a snack — an ounce of cheese — before bedtime. The researchers demonstrated that in the morning, the study subjects had lower blood sugar readings than when they had the same snack with 2 tablespoons of water.

Recipe 1 :

For everyday gut health, a mixture of 2 teaspoons of ACV with a teaspoon of raw honey in a cup of warm water will help. ACV with honey and ginger for a sore throat is a popular and effective remedy. Another mixture for sore throat, recommended by Bonnie K. McMillen, a nurse from the University of Pittsburgh, includes:

  • 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. water
  • 1 Tbsp. raw honey
  • ¼ tsp. ground ginger
  • Optional: ¼ tsp. cayenne pepper

With this recipe, tiny sips every few hours or so and swallowing slowly for your throat to get the maximum contact of the mixture is recommended. It works! Rather than drinking ACV straight, for other applications, dilute it in a few teaspoons (or a cup) of water to help mask the flavor, which admittedly is a bit stringent.

Recipe 2 :

A simple and yummy recipe to serve over broccoli, asparagus or salad greens includes: 1 tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic, a dash of ground black pepper and a few fresh basil leaves, chopped.

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Baby Tantrums & Soothing Food

Question: My baby cries so bad that she starts throwing up and makes a huge mess. She wants things I can not even give to her. Her tantrums are out of control! What can I do?



Mood swings in children are common. Soothing food can also help their tantrums such as ghee and coconut oil which help in balancing hormones and promotes brain function, and release of endorphins (happy” hormones).

Dark chocolates (75% and above ) are also a great anti-oxidant. You can give sugar free chocolate and add a dab of ghee to it. Or make him a chocolate drink with hot water, mix in dark chocolate, honey, blend in dates, and ghee – serve it cold like a chocolate shake.

Also good for mommy! You need anti-oxidants too


Pimples Before & During Periods

The Question

My skin seems to be freaking out a bit, this might be because my period is 2-3 days away though? I keep getting these tiny bumps and whiteheads around my forehead and nose area. Is this my skin purging? Or is this only hormonal?

The Explanation

Oh no, the skin is freaking out! Don’t worry, it is infact hormonal (and a certain bacteria called p acnes) – which happens to be a lower level of progesterone and estrogen right before periods. As you know we have a steady level of testosterone all month, so right before period starts the progesterone and estrogen drop off, and the higher testosterone causes more oil in oil glands. So this seemingly extra oil on our skin is like food heaven for the bacteria that lives on our skin called – P Acnes. While P Acnes is enjoying the new oil, our period starts, and progesterone and estrogen start to rise again. The higher levels progesterone causes the skin to swell, and pores close up thus the pimple is “trapped” for a few more days. In this stage maybe you will have super shiney skin or maybe you will have too oily – but oil is never bad. Oily skin is good skin and just needs efficient maintenance. Important that you keep calm and don’t rage battle against those few pimples. I find tea tree oil really helps in controlling the oil. Keeping the pimple pollution free is best.


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Hypothyroidism and Eating Cauliflower and Cabbages


Hello Marina apu…i am suffering from hypothyroidism and would like to know if eating vegetables like cauliflower and cabbages should b avoided?



hi dear, there is nothing much to worry about. yes there have been studies showing that goiter causing component of cruciferous, but there is nothing significant harm. infact, cruciferous vegetables are high in sulphurophane. sulphurophane is a compound that helps to product glutathione. glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant in the human body. if you have thyroid issues then you need to have enough glutathione and make sure you get sulphurophane. the highest amounts of sulphurophane are found in broccolie, kale, cabbage and cauliflower.

but you should remember that hormones imbalances need to be treated with proper nutrition. eating enough protein from animal sources, raw veg, healthy fats and clean carbs is a good way to start. if you dont follow a proper nutrition plan then eating too much of anything may be harmful.

“A study in 1983 showed that very high intakes of cruciferous vegetables caused hypothyroidism in animals. However, the effects of cruciferous vegetable consumption did not appear to increase the risk of hypothyroidism UNLESS accompanied by iodine deficiency.”

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Cinnamon Super Herb

Are you looking for the most powerful herb on planet Earth? Cinnamon. 

According to researchers, out of twenty-six of the most popular herbs and medicinal spices in the world, cinnamon actually ranks #1 in terms of its protective antioxidant levels!

What is anti-oxidant? 

When certain types of oxygen molecules are allowed to travel freely in the body, they cause what’s known as oxidative damage, which is the formation of free radicals. When antioxidant levels in the body are lower than that of free radicals — due to poor nutrition, toxin exposure or other factors — oxidation wreaks havoc in the body. The effect? Accelerated aging, damaged or mutated cells, broken-down tissue, the activation of harmful genes within DNA, and an overloaded immune system. 

Every single one of us has both antioxidants and free radicals present inside of our bodies at all times. Some antioxidants are made from the body itself, while we must get others from our diets by eating high antioxidant foods that double as anti-inflammatory foods. Our bodies also produce free radicals as byproducts of cellular reactions. For example, the liver produces and uses free radicals to detoxify the body, while white blood cells send free radicals to destroy bacteria, viruses and damaged cells.

OK back to cinnamon and this #1 super herb.


All cinnamon is not the same. To date, approximately 250 species of cinnamon have been identified because the cinnamon tree is grown all over the world, with different species being found on different continents.

There is actually a plant that looks, tastes and smells like cinnamon but is not really cinnamon – known as cassia or saigon or chinese cinnamon. 

There are two main types of cinnamon spice used today: Ceylon cinnamon (which is sometimes labeled as true cinnamon) and Cassia cinnamon which is more widely available and used. Both kinds of cinnamon have a notable spicy taste and fragrance which is due to the presence of cinnamaldehyde and occurs when cinnamon absorbs oxygen. Both types contain the mentioned health benefits, but one kind (ceylon) is actually considered to have more health benefits than the other.

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What’s the difference between ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon?

Ceylon and cassia cinnamons actually come from two different, but related, trees. Ceylon cinnamon (called true cinnamon) comes from trees grown in areas like Sri Lanka and Thailand that are rarer, therefore ceylon cinnamon is more expensive and hard to find in stores. Cassia cinnamon (also called Saigon or Chinese cinnamon) comes from trees grown in China normally, is less expensive, and is more widely available. (27)

Ceylon cinnamon actually has potential for having more health benefits than cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon also contains less of a compound called coumarins than the cassia variety of cinnamon does. Coumarins are believed to be potentially damaging to the liver when you consume a lot of them. This is why researchers believe that ceylon cinnamon is the better option for producing cinnamon extracts that feature high doses of cinnamon.

If you cannot find ceylon cinnamon, cassia cinnamon is still beneficial, and as long as you don’t consume large amounts of cinnamon – more than 1-2 teaspoons a day for example.

As far as taste goes, ceylon cinnamon is said to have a lighter and more citrusy taste than cassia, which has a deeper and spicer taste.

Look for organic ceylon cinnamon powder and cinnamon essential oil in health food stores or ethnic markets to get the most benefits from cinnamon. You can check the label to determine which type for cinnamon you’re buying, and if the label doesn’t indicate which type it is, keep in mind it’s most likely the cassia variety of cinnamon, which is less expensive and more popular.

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4 Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon
  1. Fights Diabetes

You are just going to love this for yourself and family members who suffer from diabetes.  Cinnamon is super powerful at fighting diabetes. 

Diabetes is formed when insulin resistance occurs and poor glycemic control takes places, or someone develops the inability to manage how much sugar (glucose) enters the blood stream. The same problem with insulin resistence is also associated with other conditions like metabolic syndrome and weight gain.

Cinnamon blocks certain enzymes called alanines, which allows for glucose (sugar) to be absorbed into the blood. Therefore, it has been shown to decrease the amount of glucose that enters the bloodstream after a high-sugar meal, which is especially important for those with diabetes. For this reason, many studies have shown that people with type 2 diabetes can experience significant positive effects on blood sugar markers by supplementing with cinnamon extract.

2. High in Antioxidants

Cinnamon is packed with a variety of protective antioxidants that reduce free radical damage and slow the ageing process; in fact, researchers have identified 41 different protective compounds of cinnamon to date.

According to the ORAC scale, which is used to measure the concentration of antioxidants in different foods, cinnamon ranks #7 of all foods, spices and herbs across the world. And in a study that compared the antioxidant activity of 26 spices, cinnamon was deemed the winner and proved to be higher in antioxidants than other powerful herbs and spices.

Cinnamon health benefits are attributed to the type of antioxidants called polyphenols, phenolic acid and flavonoids.  These are similar antioxidants to those that can be found in other “superfoods,” including berries, red wine and dark chocolate. These compounds work to fight oxidative stress in the body, which can lead to disease formation when uncontrolled, especially as someone ages.

The different antioxidants present in cinnamon help to reduce a multitude of symptoms and diseases because they are free radical scavengers. The health benefits of cinnamon include its ability to reduce many forms of oxidative stress, including the ability to limit nitric oxide build up in the blood and lipid (fat) peroxidation, which can both add to instances of brain disorders, cancer, heart disease and other conditions. 

3. Improves and Protects Heart Health

Studies have shown that cinnamon reduces several of the most common risk factors for heart disease, including high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure.

The special compounds in cinnamon are able to help reduce levels of total cholesterol, LDL “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides, while HDL “good” cholesterol remains stable. Cinnamon has also been shown to reduce high blood pressure, which is another threat for causing heart disease or a stroke. 

Cinnamon also increases blood circulation and advances bodily tissue’s ability to repair itself after it’s been damaged. This includes heart tissue, which is in need of regeneration in order to help fight heart attacks, heart disease and stroke.

4. Improves the Brain and Protects from Cognitive Decline

Cinnamon’s protective antioxidant properties helps defend the brain against developing neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. 

One way cinnamon protects cognitive function and brain health is by activating neuro-protective proteins that protect brain cells from mutation and undergoing damage. This further reduces the negative effects of oxidative stress by stopping cells from morphing and self-destructing.

Because cinnamon contains so many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the effects of aging on the body and brain, in the future, we may see it being used as a possible natural therapeutic treatment or prevention for age-related neuro-degenerative diseases.

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Salmon Fish Color Added – ALERT

Did you know salmon is sometimes dyed red? This label says this fresh salmon was “Farm-Raised” with “Color Added”. Farmed salmon is often fed a mixture of highly contaminated fish meal and fish oil mixed with corn and soy products, because it is cheap and helps fatten them up to produce more meat to be sold. This produces horrible side effects – it turns the salmon gray, because they are not eating creatures that make their flesh naturally pink. In order to fix this, salmon farmers are allowed to feed the fish supplements to help dye the salmon pink like the color of wild salmon. Corn and soy do not grow in the oceans for a reason. Wouldn’t you think the color changing would be a huge sign of a malnourishment for the fish? Farmed salmon don’t eat their typical diet of krill, shrimp and other fish, so it’s very hard for them to get the same amount of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids that are crucial to protect you from heart disease, arthritis and depression, which is a big reason to eat salmon in the first place. Look for WILD salmon when shopping to avoid these dyes and to get the most nutrients. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 3.05.44 PM.png


“Color added” on a label for salmon and salmon products means that the salmon were given a feed which contains a pigment called astaxanthin. When the feed is digested, the astaxanthin is absorbed into the fish’s flesh giving the fillets or steaks a reddish or ‘salmon’ color. Astaxanthin is pigment occurring in nature that gives flamingos their pink coloration. It also turns cooked shrimp and crabs an orange-red color.  In the wild, salmon get astaxanthin through their diets, which consist of plankton and small fish.   Farmed salmon get astaxanthin in their feeds as an added dietary supplement, hence the use of the phrase “color added”. 

Asthaxanthin provides color to both wild and farmed salmon flesh, but it is also an important nutrient for the salmon, and for humans. In salmon, astaxanthin is important for growth and survival. It acts as a powerful anti-oxidant that protects important fats in the flesh from degrading. It also supports the immune system and cell respiration. For humans, astaxanthin is commonly sold as a nutritional supplement in health food stores for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Natural astaxanthin can be obtained from harvesting Pacific and Antarctic krill, or by extracting it from shrimp shell waste. It can also be made synthetically from petroleum products, which eliminates the need to obtain it from wild sources. However, because people prefer natural sources of astaxanthin, food scientists increasingly use a micro algae, Haematococcus pluvialis, or a Phaffia yeast Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous to produce natural asthaxanthin for both salmon and human dietary supplements.

Here is a quick guide on how to buy fresh salmon and make sure you aren’t eating or feeding your family something else. 

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Are you wondering why your body fat is not responding to diet and exercise? Let me help you. Did you know that stubborn fat on women is alive? Stubborn fat has receptors on the fat cells which prevent it from being burned. These stubborn fat areas are mainly on hips, saddlebags, love handles and upper thighs on women. Good news is you can take care of your stubborn fat – with just a little knowledge you can have control of how you burn stubborn fat! Claim your copy of my latest ebook – Why Stubborn Fat is Stubborn & What You Can Do About It!


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Saturated Fat does not Clog the Arteries…

Coronary artery disease and treatment urgently requires a paradigm shift. Despite popular belief among doctors and the public, the conceptual model of dietary saturated fat clogging a pipe is just plain wrong.

This widely read very recent study in the British Medical Journal underscores that inflammation is the driver of atherosclerotic disease and that dietary saturated fat has nothing to do with it- as the new science comes out it’s time to retire the old dogma and move past the scare tactics based on epidemiology and weak associational cherry picked data espoused by those that have a clear bias- take charge of your health and listen to what your body is telling you. 


Click the link below to download the full PDF


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3 Mistakes You’re Making When It Comes to Burning Body Fat


Burning body fat is not magic, and definitely no secret. You don’t require anything special or expensive gym membership and not even expensive food. All you need is the right perception of how your body works and proper knowledge of how to make your body into a fat burning machine. All of this starts by first throwing out the wrong ideas we have about how the body burns fat. All of this has been explained thoroughly in my recent ebook – Why Stubborn Fat is Stubborn. If you haven’t bought your copy yet, then I suggest you hurry on over and get your copy!

Here are 3 things you can change to restart your body’s natural fat burning mechanism, and keep your body that way.


  1. You are on a Senseless Diet

Dieting and diet trends are a good way to make stubborn fat more stubborn. In fact, dieting just may be making your fat parts fatter.

The common diet tells you to eat less and exercise more. Please don’t do this! You can rest assured that eating less and exercising more is the best way to make sure you don’t lose any body fat. This is true because of the changes your metabolism makes to compensate the less food and more activity.

When you follow the “eat less, exercise more” method the body engages in severe metabolic compensation. This is known as adaptive thermogenesis. You eat less and exercise more and the following things will happen:

  1. You will be constantly hungry and crave food (or certain foods)
  2. You will feel lack of energy and motivation
  3. Induce insatiable cravings that can’t be met by eating
  4. Decrease your resting metabolic rate around 300 calories per day on average

Eating less and exercising more is not the answer, rather a recipe for disaster. When you eat less and exercise more your body goes into starvation mode.

Most common diets work because it tells you to eat a very less amount of food, you are on a low calorie diet, and your body ends up burning your muscle. It does not burn fat. Muscle is easier to burn off than fat, and because your body is already trying to conserve energy, it gets ride of your muscle.

A proper nutrition plan considers you as a bio-individual person. Your needs are specific. This is why a cookie cutter type of diet will not work for you. Your needs need to analysed first. Check out our Lean Out Programme which considers every persons individual needs and tailor creates a unique programme to jump start your fat burn.

Personal Experience:

I have a few experiences from my stays in Bangladesh. Nutritionist’s in Bangladesh hand out a “diet chart” with a list of foods to eat. People are supposed to take this home, follow it and supposedly lose body fat. Well, it’s not so easy and I bet you can tell why this doesn’t always work. The body burns fat when there is a correct calorie deficit. Meaning, you eat enough foods, and schedule in exercise so your body is in a calorie deficit, and has to tap into your stored fat for energy. Mind you, this means you still have to eat enough protein, healthy fats, raw vegetables and time your carbs properly. This comes as a part of your macro-nutrition plan. Just not eating enough isn’t going to help you, as we have seen above !

Since nutritionists who sit in hospitals operate like this (improperly!) now people think that a diet chart is all you need. No ladies  This is the wrong type of thinking! Understand your body and your fat burning mechanism. There are different types of fat, and stubborn fat is very much alive. Stubborn fat does not respond to exercise and eating for a few specific reasons. And yes there is much you can do about your stubborn fat!

This is why any fitness expert or nutritionist (who has proper in depth knowledge) will give you nutrition programme – not just a diet plan.


2. You have No Idea about Cycling Your Nutrition Programme

Ok, so say that you found a great nutrition plan for your body that supports your fitness goals, and you see results in a few weeks. So you stick to it and don’t change it up. Another bad choice that we don’t even know we are making.

The metabolism is highly reactive and adaptive. Meaning, it’ll actually become “lazy” and get used to the same trend after a while and thus stop giving you results.

Surprise is key. However strange this sounds, surprising your metabolism and changing the fitness routine every few months or so keeps your metabolism sharp. This once again keeps the thyroid activity elevated, keeps leptin levels from dropping too low and keeps insulin sensitivity at a manageable level. When it comes to calories, hormones, and stubborn fat, you’re looking for the Goldilocks effect. Not too much, not too little, but just right. Key point is to prevent your metabolism from adapting to the current system and slowing down again.

A good nutrition plan would last you about 3 to 5 months, until you plateau. When you see that the same amount of food, and same amount of exercise is not working any more, this is your body letting you know that you need to switch gears into the next level. Visiting your fitness coach and re assessing your nutrition and workout plan is a good way to get started and level up. Wanna discuss your current nutrition plan and get some tips? Schedule in a video session and let’s chat about your needs.

3. You are Not Using Proper Health Supplements.

You are afraid of health supplements and think they are bad for you. This is by far one of the silliest ideas that people can have. Not only is it silly, any one who thinks that health supplements are bad just prove the points that they have shallow knowledge of how the body works.

Smart health supplements positively provide the raw materials your body needs to thrive, boost immunity, optimise health and further keep you strong. These smart supplements refer to the following:

Vitamins and Minerals : truth is we don’t get all of the vitamins and minerals from our natural organic food any more. Due to capitalist agricultural standards, our soil is now deplete of many crucial elements such as magnesium. Supplementing with proper micro-nutrients is a good way of making sure you age well, remain strong and have optimal brain function.

Protein Powders: eating enough protein is crucial to every single part of your health. Protein (amino acid) is a macro-nutrient and crucial part of your nutrition plan. What ever your health goals may be, making sure you eat enough protein daily is making sure you reach your goals, feel better and function at your best. Getting protein from fish, meat and eggs is not easy. Investing in a good quality protein powder can go a long way in your health journey. Have confusions about protein powders? Don’t worry, read The Truth About Whey Protein Powders to be know the real deal.

Fat Burning Supplements: Yes you can get proper, safe and effective fat burning supplements to help you boost your body’s natural fat burning. Fat burners are a fitness supplement designed to increase metabolism, increase energy, and reduce appetite and by doing so increase the number of calories you burn. This over time can translate into weight loss. Other ingredients in fat burners can signal certain hormones like epinephrine to break down fats and make them ready for the body to use as a fuel source.

Fat burners through their stimulant like effect cause the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, hormones that signal the mobilization of fat from fat stores to the blood stream.

Once fat enters the bloodstream however it doesn’t magically disappear. There has to be a use for it to be burned as energy by the body. This is why to get the most out of a fat burner,  it’s important to be working out regularly. If you’re not working out and creating an energy need, the fat that gets released into the bloodstream will just be stored as fat again.

Warning : Fat burners are not meant to be used for a long term and doses depend on your specific bio-individual needs.  If you choose to start a fat burner, speak to a properly educated fitness expert, nutritionist, or schedule an appointment with us today. 


OK, that’s quite a comprehensive list. You probably need a breather now. It is good to remember that, there is no one-size-fits-all type of approach to your health, fitness and strength. Also, don’t forget that what your body looks like is not as important as how you feel. Balancing hormones, strengthen the body’s natural functions, and anti-aging from the cell up is achievable – don’t be afraid to ask for help! Optimise your health, body and brain function and you will automatically see your body burning it’s extra body fat.

Cheers to strength!

Watching My Loved Ones be Ignorant

I am watching my loved ones die slowly. And there is nothing I can do about it. I tried, but it doesn’t work. Day in and day out I see them making poor choices about health and it’s killing me inside seeing them harm themselves so much. To make matters worse, they don’t receive advise nicely…at all. My words fall on deaf ears.

Now this may not be the case with all families, but it surely is with most families – most desi / bengali families. There is always one or two people trying their best to lead healthier lives – who constantly meet an impenetrable brick wall – being their own family members. Who – not only are completely closed to the idea that you can become healthier through lifestyle adjustments – also laugh in the face of the people trying their best to live healthier.

A recent conversation with my khala shashuri (aunt in law) for example

Khala : I’ve been having fever and runny nose and nothing is helping.

Me : khala try having some raw turmeric and ginger it will increase your immunity to sickness.


Khala : yes but i stopped having medicine that’s why i became sick you know.


Me : yes khala but your immune system is not strengthened with medicine.

Khala : yes but when i stop having medicine I get sick. Apollo hospital doctors are not good. No hospital has good doctors anymore.

Me : * cue music  : “Hello darkness my old friend…” *


Our thinking has to change. We have to un-learn and relearn. And this is where many of our previous generation (and beloved family members) will fail. Unfortunately, our very own loved ones are no longer susceptible to new ways of thinking. They are just not open to the thought of learning new patterns of thinking. What’s worse is that they are oblivious to the idea that you can still change your life by lifestyle and thought pattern adjustments -age is not a factor.

This epidemic is dangerous to health. Literally. The most older generation are sick…from both ignorance and health issues. Starting from eating too much carbs, to not eating enough protein, and all the way to ideas of how a female should exercise (if at all) – sorry to say but they have got it all wrong!

But don’t jump the gun and start your health speech from a high horse. It won’t help. Talking to them and giving a verbal example is the last thing they wanna hear. They don’t wanna hear anything but a doctor’s prescription. And off course they are super opinionated – which they have the right to be because they are so much older than you and have seen the the world more than you by ____ (insert their age) number of years.

For example:

  • If you love strength training and lifting heavy they will say you (a female) will ruin your uterus and ruin your chances of having children.
  • If you eat raw vegetables instead of oily over cooked ones they will say you transformed into a cow or a goat
  • If you stop dairy they will talk about their grandparents drinking raw milk day and night.
  • If you control your carb portions and eat less rice they will claim you know too much and are showing off – you don’t look like a celebrity after all.
  • If you stop drinking sodas you are over reacting and too dramatic.
  • If you stop eating gluten and processed wheat junk they will remind you that the whole world eats bread and everyone is fine. What royal highness have you transformed into? Dumbass!

It’s not their fault. It’s the culture in which they were raised – thinking that health is achieved through medicine and only white coat wearing doctors can give the best medicine to treat EVERYTHING. It’s the ignorant culture that didn’t teach them “prevention is better than cure”.

Take my own mother in law for example. I love her to death, and her and I have established an amazing connection since day one of my marriage. But health is where I fail to get her to hear me. (Even with my degrees in nutrition and biology.)

I recently started giving her whey isolate protein powder mixed with ghee. She has high diabetes – 8 on an empty stomach – and a re-ocurring UTI. She is not open to the idea that eating less carbs, more lean protein, more raw vegetables and exercising will help keep her diabetes in check and actually prevent it in the future. Every time I try to explain to her she changes the subject and asks to make an appointment with her doctor. Ok Mom, I did.

*Taking her to the doctor

*Doctor telling her to keep her diabetes in check.

But how doc? Why don’t you tell her what she needs to do to keep her blood sugar from spiking or dropping down to hell and literally killing her?

Why don’t you tell her how to replace her bad nutrition with a more health optimising nutrition plan? We are paying 1200 Bangladeshi Taka ( a lil shy of  15$) to sit less than 5 minutes in your doctors office. And you send her away with “diabetes pills”, tell her to write down her daily blood sugar readings; and tell her to walk for 30 minutes daily? Seriously doc?


— heavy breathing coming down under control —


I know how bad your frustration is. I know you get angry. But don’t let a moments of anger will prevent you from thinking straight. Just live on. Smile and walk away. And lead by example. Keep carrying through with your daily health habits. Have your smoothies. Keep saying no to processed and nutritionally void food. Keep eating your raw veg. Keep working out at home or gym. Sooner or later your family will see your improvments and start thinking about their own. Don’t mind their silly comments that you’re doing wrong things. Ignore what their grandparents used to say or do. Keep spreading positive vibes and teaching the new generation the truth about health, strength and fitness.

It hurts to say it but I think I’ll just say it because some one has to : it’s the last of their generation. And there is so little we can do to help them. We can try our best to make sure they live out the rest of their days in peace and as best as possible. Maybe force feed them green smoothies with raw turmeric a few times a week. I started and they are taking it not so bad actually.

Persevere on strong soldier !