Marina Farook is a southern girl from Florida and married to Yousuf Farook. She is a strength and lifestyle blogger, holistic nutritionist specialising in gut health (health coach), investigative journalist into public health,  entrepreneur and former aircraft maintenance engineer. Licensed to maintain jet engines and heavy aircraft, she finds her true passion in biomedical research, nutritional health sciences, natural remedies and networking with women all around the globe. She believes “nature has the prevention which is always better than the cure.”

She has been a part of a three year project for expanding and improving the quality of vocational education in Bangladesh. Her recent upcoming projects include a Podcast channel and Android App.

Hey there!

11896158_1493553207622630_3570621690878386630_nWelcome to marinafarook.com. This is my platform for sharing knowledge which will benefit both of us physically, mentally, and spiritually. I release articles and writings which are published mostly here only! This means you won’t find my writings anywhere else – unless I collab with a few other sisters 😉

With so much science mumbo jumbo newly releasing every week it can be frustrating to find out something you read couple days ago no longer applies to our life. Well, that’s where I can help you. I can help you to understand and see the big picture. I help you to figure out the scientific research and how it can be applied to your life as I have applied to mine as well. If you find something here then I have tried it personally and found great benefits. With so much knowledge still yet to be learned, I certainly don’t have the answers for everything! However, you are on a journey with me to find the best of natures best.

My blog is still under major construction but I decided to publish it with the few articles I have thus far. As you keep coming back, you will find more information and more new additions to this site. DON”T MISS OUT!  I am currently in the process of collaborating with a few other intelligent women on the same mission as I am. Keep an eye out for those new releases.

I advocate physical fitness as a mean of strengthening the mind and soul. But that’s not just my words. I have science and proof to help you understand how a fit and healthy lifestyle can indeed change your genes, and make you a better version of yourself!

I look forward this journey of sisterhood, unity, love and sharing of knowledge that can make this world a better place for us now and in the future.


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