11896158_1493553207622630_3570621690878386630_nMarina Farook is a true southern girl at heart & educated in biology, nutrition & food sciences. Her passion is teaching women how toanti-age through strengthen and optimising mitochondrial health, gut health and gluten free living. She emphasises and advocated mental well being through using nutritional therapy and physical strength & fitness.

Raised in Florida, and always rooting for the Gators; she has dedicated to changing the world one female at a time. With a social reach of over 2 million women world wide, She uses science backed, results proven techniques to transform lives of women globally. Functional and integretive healing is the core of her work.
She has a background in biology & nutrition as her second degree. Her first area of academic excellence is in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, licenced to operate on jet engines and heavy aircraft. After working in the aviation field for 6 years, through the contenants of US & Asia, she discovered true love and happiness following her passion of holistic living and healing through nutritional therapy. With certifications from Standford U, she has been featured on top health social media platform such as Women’s Health and Self Magazine; and much more!
Marina Farook loves strength training! She uses strength and power training to advocate womens strength Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Through sharing her own Personal Records in lifting, she hopes to inspire women all around the world to take control of their own health & happiness.
Marina Farook’s life’s moto is knowledge is power. She vows to continue learning about this planet and the universe we live in, not just about medical sciences. Joining forces with her husband Yousuf Farook, a New York based sports scientist previous MMA fighter, their latest venture is a brand of sports and health boosting supplements; and continuing research in the field of DNA, epigenetics & health optimisation.
Both Yousuf & Marina Farook spend their time travelling between United States, Bangladesh, Europe and Thailand (their most favorite place!). 
Marina Farook has recently launched a new brand of meal delivery services that cater to fitness and health goals on every level. Her nutrition packed meal service is called Warrior DNA (for men) & Queen DNA (for women).
She takes exclusive personal clients for her online health programmes, which can be done completely from the safety of your own home.

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