Let’s get right to the recipe!


70 grams of rice flour
30 grams of crushed almonds. Make sure your almonds were roasted before you made them into flour.
1 tablespoon sugar or sweetner of your choice
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
Pinch of Pink Salt
1 whole egg
1 tablespoon ghee or organic pure butter

Mix all your dry ingredients, then add your wet ingredients. You will get a wet mixture that can be made into cookie shape. Shape them into small thin cookies. If your batter is too dry and can not hold shape then add a bit more egg till it gets to right consistency. Place them in hot oven and bake fr 7 to 10 minutes until done. Too much baking will cause them to be too hard and crispy for your baby. This may be hard for them to chew or swallow of they have little teeth. So keep a watch on them and take it out of heat when cooked.

If you make your own version, share some photos with me. Mom’s join my Moms only support group where we discuss everything baby’s and kids – MOMS CLUB

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