Weight Scale Number Comparison


Day before starting the strict Intermittent Fasting Program


10th day of starting the strict Intermittent Fasting Program
Checking your weight can be a good thing if you understand what the numbers mean AND you are using a smart scale to truly analyse your body.
These numbers can be a good guidance that helps you tailor your own transformation program. NUMBERS SHOULD NEVER BE THE ONLY GUIDANCE YOU USE! Looking in the mirror is always a superior way to analyse your body and do aesthetic mapping – as I like to call it.
When I measure my clients, the numbers I focus on are the following:
1. Visceral fat points : the fat around your organs. this is the criminal and the fat you need to focus on. visceral fat releases toxins back into the blood, it stores the extra food you eat and is very responsive to insulin (carbs you eat). visceral fat causes your abdomen to bulge out. visceral fats causes your ab muscles to inflate out, weak and out of shape.
your goal should be to reduce visceral fat and keep it between 8 and 10.
2. Body fat percentage : roughly how much fat composition we are working with
3. Bone mineral density : very important for females. low density means you can easily get injured. women need to work on bone density as they age because you lose bone density quicker after age 30 – more hip pain and silly injuries that can easily be avoided.
Combining the understanding of all the numbers will help you understand what your body is composed of. Don’t just weigh yourself and get frustrated. Numbers mean something!
What bothers you about your transformation journey, where do you need help?
Talk to me below 🙂

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