Thyroid Disorder and Holistic Healing

Thyroid Disfunction Majority of thyroid dysfunction is caused by autoimmunity. Shockingly, many people with thyroid dysfunction don’t even know if their condition is autoimmune-related or not. This is because conventional doctors don’t routinely check for thyroid antibodies when testing thyroid blood levels. The important thing to know is that if you are experiencing thyroid dysfunction,Continue reading “Thyroid Disorder and Holistic Healing”

Thyroid Disfunction and Molecular Mimicry

Gluten, Leaky Gut, and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Alessio Fasano*, we know that leaky gut is one of the primary triggers for all autoimmune disease, including autoimmune thyroid disease. As you might guess by its name, leaky gut occurs when your gut (specifically your small intestine) becomes permeable, allowingContinue reading “Thyroid Disfunction and Molecular Mimicry”

Weight Scale Number Comparison

    Checking your weight can be a good thing if you understand what the numbers mean AND you are using a smart scale to truly analyse your body. These numbers can be a good guidance that helps you tailor your own transformation program. NUMBERS SHOULD NEVER BE THE ONLY GUIDANCE YOU USE! Looking inContinue reading “Weight Scale Number Comparison”

Body Composition, Fat vs Muscle

This is an important topic! Too many times women ask me, why does my weight not change? It all comes down to BODY COMPOSITION. This means what are you composed of- how much fat : muscle : bone : water etc If you are on a journey to become healthier, then shedding toxic body fatContinue reading “Body Composition, Fat vs Muscle”