Constant Headaches and A Quick Tip

Fasting – or just daily life –  can bring on a constant head ache that does not go away.  I have heard from too many of my clients and people around me they have been suffering from long term headaches. Good news is this is something that is very much under your control. Sometimes, even when we follow a correct individualised nutrition plan, the nutrients are not properly upregulated into the cells. This is caused by factors such as lack of minerals that play a role in cellular intake of nutrients – mainly potassium. Yes, something so simple can be (and usually is) the cause of a constant head.

Potassium is an essential mineral that has many roles in your body. It helps regulate muscle contractions, maintain healthy nerve function and regulate fluid balance.

A national survey found that approximately 98% of Americans are not meeting the recommended potassium intake. A Western diet is likely to blame, because of processed foods.

But remember, a low-potassium diet is rarely the cause of potassium deficiency, or hypokalemia.

Deficiency is characterized by a blood potassium level below 3.5 mmol per liter ().

Instead, it occurs when your body suddenly loses a lot of fluid. Common causes include excessive sweating, blood loss, chronic vomiting, and diarrhea,

Imaging your cells coming across good nutrition and still not being able to make use of it. Your body – made up of cells – can be operating at less than normal efficiency due to deficiencies of minerals. It’s important to remember that you need a daily intake of vitamins and minerals to meet these needs.

Other than your headache, you may also be experiencing:
1. Muscle spasms
2. Heart Palpitation
3. Fatigue
4. Digestive issues
5. Muscle aches, stiffness, tingling, numbness
6. Breathing difficulty
7. Mood changes

What to do? Supplement correctly.

Unfortunately, we can not rely on food intake to be the sole resource of our nutrition. YOU NEED TO SUPPLEMENT. In these cases, other than investing in your top quality multivitamin and etc – you can try a top quality BCAA : branched chain amino acid complex which comes with a correct electrolyte blend and includes a good potassium mix.

59332298_2194008587577085_2148811815096680448_n  59625732_2194008800910397_4584004928434864128_n

During fasting, I recommend (and we personally take) BCAA mixed in water. Try this , it may really help you.

Read more about BCAA here and here.

The main focus on supplementing with a good BCAA is to replenish your mineral stores.

Alot of my clients feel dizzy throughout the day and even while working out. Something like getting up too quickly or doing cardio / hiit can cause nausea and vomiting sensations. This is also due to the same cause !

Have I told you to eat more beetroot? because it is highest in potassium, but eating beet root in the morning can mean you are still depleted of potassium by the evening. So this is where an investment into BCAA can really give you more than your money’s worth.

Are you suffering from constant headache? share below and lets talk about living pain free.

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