Dull and Ageing Skin

QUESTION: my face skin has become dull, and looks like it has aged quickly. What can I do to improve my face skin?

You skin is the largest organ in your body. It is living, breathing and responds to everything you do to your body. Most important thing we have to remember is that what goes on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream within 10 seconds. Every cosmetic product you use is getting into your body and yes they are toxins ! Over time, the chemical and toxic residue builds up on your skin and underneath your skin. YOU NEED TO DETOX from this. You need to boost your body’s natural detox pathways and restore the natural glow of your skin.

Your skin has a layer of fat cells underneath. This layer of fat cells keeps your skin plump and tight. When this layer of fat cells becomes dry and breaks, you start to get dull skin and wrinkles. What can you do? Improve your nutrition intake to improve your skin quality. Your nutrition intake includes whole organic foods + supplementation. See my tips below.

1. Include healthy fats – super foods- like ghee and edible coconut oil in your nutrition plan. This will help balance your hormones and give your body the much needed nutrients to carry out skin repair.

2. Drink 3 litres water.

3. Make sure you are not having carbs at night and not over eating your carbs. Starch carbs soak up alot of water in your gut, and actually dehydrates you. So drink water to balance out. Or follow my 4th tip below.

4. Replace starch carbs with more fruits. Fruits give you a better source of carbs which come with fibre plus plant chemicals that boost your body’s natural anti-aging process.

Resveratrol is a plant chemical (polyphenol) that repairs and reverses damage to cells. Include these fruits / foods into your diet

– red grapes
– white grapes
– cacao
– mexican orgeno , dried
– celery seeds

5. Stop using so much cosmetic products. Cosmetic products dull, weaken and age your skin. You will lose the natural glow. Also like we said above, the toxic build up will cause acne and skin imbalances.

6. My secret is using natural moisturisers, and I know this is going to blow your mind. Have you tried massaging your face with natural edible coconut oil? Take a tiny drop on your ring finger and rub upwards n your face and neck. Use as body moisturiser after daily showers.

Ok that was not so crazy, but this one is. Have you tried ghee on your face and dark circles under your eyes? If you are starting to get enough night sleep then try rubbing some ghee under your eyes at night. It’s crazy but a proven tip !

7. EXERCISE ! along with proper nutrition, adding routine exercise will boost your natural anti-aging process. TRUST ME! when you exercise your body clears away old cells and replaces it new cells. This should be reason enough for you to workout.

Have I missed something? Let me know below

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