BCAA for Men Only?


Hello, my everyday inspiration! I hope you are well. I weigh much more than before. I weigh 57 kgs and this is the highest i have ever been. I finally joined a gym. I follow your blogs and i bought myself bcaa. My gym instructor isn’t really liking this . I don’t know why, may be because they are on the verge of some superstitions that these are for men only.


First of all, the number on the scale is NOT accurate. it is better to assess your body in the mirror then start a exercise regiment that targets fat loss and toning the body.

Second, most trainers (that i have seen) have LOTS of misconceptions especially when it comes to women hahaha ! but you dont worry at all.

Since you are first time in the gym – i would suggest you to start with a top quality protein powder. difference in BCAA and protein powder is that protein powders contain all the 9 essential amino acids where as bcaa only have a few of the protein amino acids – mainly 3 amino acids which are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. these are very good yes you need them but in terms of YOUR body and fitness goals, you need to focus on having complete proteins which we get from animal sources or protein powder supplements.

BCAA is not for men only !!! this is so silly and i can not believe that some would tell you that ! both man and woman are made of proteins, we are both humans and made of flesh HAHAHA!! how silly of them to say that. you can read more about BCAA in this article I wrote here 

For now, your bcaa is not going to go to waste. you can actually add it into your routine to help you reach your fitness goals. try doing cardio on emptry stomach in morning for 40 minutes and drinking your BCAA while you do cardio.

You can also do intermittent fasting , do cardio in morning and only drink BCAA while you cardio session. This will help you prevent losing muscle mass.

Remember, just drinking bcaa is not enough. you need to have a proper workout plan that helps balance your hormones and boost body fat burn. You need to sleep, have proper vitamins & minerals too.

So stick to your programme and ignore fools.
Love ya !

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