Ladies ! We are having a 10 days #NoMakeUpChallenge to give you skin a fresh new glow. This challenge is free and open to all. All you have to do is join our group Total Transformation with Marina Farook💯 . Details are below:

What to Do:
1. Do not wear anything on your face and body besides a toxic free water based or oil based moisturiser for 10 days.

2. No hair products.

3. No lip products. Use only toxic and chemical free lip moisturiser such as shea butter or coconut oil lip balm. You can also make this at home.

4. Drink 3 liters water daily.

5. Poop every day LOL  If you have trouble pooping then try this:
soak 1 tablespoon isabgul bushi (physillium husk) and add to 1 litre water, and drink this water from evening onwards. You should finish this before going to sleep.

6. Add ghee or coconut oil to your tea or coffee. Yes you heard right ghee and coconut oil are both powerful healthy fats that boost your own hormones and promote hormone balance. Skin issues happen when you have an underlying problem with gut imbalances + hormones imbalances. Healthy fats will improve both.

7. Eat properly. Eat bowl of raw veg salad with lunch or dinner. add some almonds in your salad. Eat enough protein. Stay away from curries.

8. Sleep 8 hours per night. Yes ladies, sleeping is crucial to not only your skin health but to your over all body performance. Your body needs 8 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep will reduce your immune function by up to 40%.

Total Transformation with Marina Farook💯

Use the hashtag #NoMakeUpChallenge to see all out public posts. Private posts are in group only.

This is post #1. Search for post #2 to see more details on why you need to stay away from chemicals !



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