Dairy and Acne


Do milk and other dairy products worsen the acne problem and lead to bad gut health?


That’s a great question and the short answer is YES. but understanding why yes will increase your insight to how the body works and how much we people are being fooled by the food industry. milk used to be a great nurition source for humans, back few hundred years ago. back then, cows were grazing on green pastures like they are supposed to. But now cows are fed with industrial feed such as genetically modified corn – which is definitely not the nutrition a cows / bovines body needs. their feeding, lifestyle and medicine injections have changed their milk and the good bacteria that comes with it. so milk companies have to pasteurise the milk which kills the good and bad bacteria. and nothing essentially useful is left, except the broken up fat particles which are now harmful in our body. Not only this, lactose in the milk needs lactase in the human gut to process. galactose needs galactase – and with the new franken-milk the human body does not process it any more.

70% of the world is allergic to milk – lactose in milk. in short – milk is not a healthy part of our current nutrition plan and there is nothing in milk that we can not get from better sources. protein, healthy fats, good bacteria, micro nutrients like calcium – we can get from beter sources than chemical and puss laced cows milk. yes, this does damage your own gut balance and gut balance in the core of hormone balance which regulates good skin, hair, nails, mood, brain performance etc. so yes, drinking milk on a regular basis not only puts your gut in a state of imbalance, it will surely not help you live and die with clear skin. mind you, your body is different so if you have good skin then you may need to see if health problems are creeping up else where .

Acne and skin issues are not the issue. gut health and imbalance hormones lead to bad skin. so inflammation causing foods like dairy just have to go ! interesting fact, gluten and lactose look the same molecularly, this is why gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance go hand in hand. quite both and in 3-6 weeks you will see considerable changes!


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