Foot Health is Important

I was reminded of the significance of foot health. It’s amazing how incredibly disconnected we are that we can’t even recognize what our own anatomy is suppose to resemble.
See the photo slide below.
Everyday, day after day, pain after pain, we cram our feet into footwear that isn’t designed to support the shape and structure of the natural human foot. It’s has gotten to the point where almost everyone is walking around with mutilated and dysfunctional feet.
Not only that, but our normalization of this has fueled the design for anatomically inappropriate footwear and suppressed the production of proper footwear in the mainstream world. Its almost a denial of self in not wanting to embrace our natural anatomy. Some people might even have the perception that a natural foot, being wider at the toes and resembling a shape akin to a duck foot, is an unattractive feature. In fact, through market researcher, large shoe corporations have found that most people will simply not buy a shoe that is designed for the human anatomy and prefer what we’ve been conditioned to believe looks better.
If you were to look at baby feet you would see the shape that our foot is suppose to be and retain into adulthood. So why have we all just accepted this modification of our anatomy without much questions? Simple conditioning I believe. I have been wearing minimalist footwear and barefoot footwear, in addition to being barefoot as much as possible, long enough to notice the discomfort of being anything but barefoot.
Nothing can replace the feeling of having full access to the feet the way they are designed to be used. Even when i put on shoes like fivefinger shoes I still feel the need for my feet to breathe and also make contact with the ground and receive full stimulus through the nervous system. That is something I am not willing to give up for being in the latest shoe that pays no attention to the value of retaining the natural human foot shape.

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