Pimples Before & During Periods

The Question

My skin seems to be freaking out a bit, this might be because my period is 2-3 days away though? I keep getting these tiny bumps and whiteheads around my forehead and nose area. Is this my skin purging? Or is this only hormonal?

The Explanation

Oh no, the skin is freaking out! Don’t worry, it is infact hormonal (and a certain bacteria called p acnes) – which happens to be a lower level of progesterone and estrogen right before periods. As you know we have a steady level of testosterone all month, so right before period starts the progesterone and estrogen drop off, and the higher testosterone causes more oil in oil glands. So this seemingly extra oil on our skin is like food heaven for the bacteria that lives on our skin called – P Acnes. While P Acnes is enjoying the new oil, our period starts, and progesterone and estrogen start to rise again. The higher levels progesterone causes the skin to swell, and pores close up thus the pimple is “trapped” for a few more days. In this stage maybe you will have super shiney skin or maybe you will have too oily – but oil is never bad. Oily skin is good skin and just needs efficient maintenance. Important that you keep calm and don’t rage battle against those few pimples. I find tea tree oil really helps in controlling the oil. Keeping the pimple pollution free is best.


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