Calcium After Eliminating Dairy

I want to free my diet of dairy to facilitate fat loss, what would be the way to make up for calcium (other than sun light ). Is there any suppliment I can take ?
The best food source of calcium out there is that from raw milk (NOT conventional, pasteurized milk) and other raw dairy products. if you have dairy issues then dont rely on dairy for calcium. Removing conventional dairy from your diet is a good idea. Pasteurised dairy isn;t left with anything good the body can not get from other better sources. 
Secondly, add in Dark green, leafy vegetables are another great source of calcium but this should not be your sole source of calcium.
Of course, it’s not just calcium that you’re better off getting from whole foods and smart supplements, it’s all nutrients. Your best choice is always to favor getting nutrients the way nature intended.
Vitamin D is also important for calcium absorption, so along with your raw milk and vegetables, make sure that you are getting plenty of safe sun exposure, or supplement vitamin D3 supplement, but you will need to monitor your levels if you choose this route. Because of vitamin D’s role in calcium absorption, adequate vitamin D levels help to prevent osteoporosis and hip fractures.
For proper D3 absoprtion you need to have K2. this should be supplemented properly to make dure D3 gets its job done and is bio-available instead of just floating around and getting stuck in the wrong plces – literally it will clog your arteries.
Supplementing with calcium is nonetheless the best option to make sure your body is getting the raw materials it needs. The best multivitamin which comes with the complete range of micro-nutrients is Pure One Multivitamin – you need just one pill daily. 
Main point: it’s not just calcium you need to focus on. calcium does not work properly on its own. you need the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for all of them to be absorbed.

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