Air fryers, Microwaves and Freezing Foods

I had few questions! Please make some time to answer them:

1. Are air fryers any good? Is deep frying bad? My kids love french fries.

2. I read somewhere that reheating certain foods like chicken, eggs, tomatoes makes them toxic and not good for health. So they advised not to microwave or heat in the stove. Instead we should take them out in the room temperature. How true is this?

3. I don’t want to cook everyday. can I cook Chicken, Beef and Fish and freeze them? I will eat within 5days. will it affect the nutritional value??


1. air fryers – very expensive and yes good because you dont have to use too much oil for  frying. It uses a fan to blow hot air and “fry” foods. I should warn you that the texture is not the same as you would get from deep frying. french fries are great in the air fryer and chicken is good too, but chicken sometimes comes out dry. the taste is fine so if you like it then it’s a great investment to make.
Is deep fried foods bad for you? Well this is a tricky question but I’ll keep it short. Oils like cooking oils are hydrogenated oils are not the best kinds of fats for the body. Having deep fried foods once a week is fine and a few times a week for kids is fine too. But when bad fats mix with carbs then the body stores the fat and it can get toxic in time. this is something to worry about for adults. for kids, deep fried foods a few times a week is not a harmful thing. fats and cholesterol is needed to make more hormones and keep thyroids healthy. for kids, they can enjoy their french fries. having them everyday isn;t a good idea, they will learn bad eating habits and their body’s sense of food will literally change due to the gut bacteria changing. adding in variety with the fried foods spaced evenly apart is a good nutrition plan for kids. 
2. reheating chicken, eggs, beef and animal protein sources is just fine. it does not ruin the protein content of the food. infact, reheating destroys the bacteria that lives in cooler can heat on stove just fine as well.
Yes, the microwave is a bad thing because t it gives off radiation that is truly harmful for the body. so wether you want to use it or not  something you are going to have to decide. microwaves are easy and convenient but in the super long term, all that radiation does harm the body in a small amount.
But dont get too worried about the microwave becasue there are other more harmful aspects of our life that we should deal with, such as processed foods too high in refined sugar. foods high in sugar are directly linked to diabetes, and almost all metabolic related diseases. so, we should focus on cleaning up our food and lifestyle as opposed to worrying about microwave radiation. We have more people sick and dying from illness caused by radiation, than we have people dying from microwave radiation.
But if you can take the microwave out of your life then that would be a good choice.
Heating and reheating vegetables – veggies loose their vitamin and mineral content when we cook them. so heating them further destroys what ever is left. veggies comes with such an amazing spectrum of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that we NEED TO EAT THEM RAW or as closest to the raw state as possible. If you steam your veggies, you can freeze it then eat it after it thaws down to room temperature. You can also freeze veggies raw then steam them and it will still retain it’s vitamins and minerals to a well off state. deep cooking and heating veggies will destroy most of what it left, unfortunately. Veggies like carrots should be eaten steamed which activates the nutrients inside of it and makes it more bio available. 
3. Yes you can cook chicken, beef, fish, eggs and animal protein foods and freeze and eat up to 15 days. But I must emphasze that properly storing food will determine how fresh it tastes. You dont want bacteria to grow so it is a good idea to freeze them airtight.

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