How To Increase Your Deadlift

The deadlift is a compound movement that requires both upper body and lower body power. Getting up to the next level in in your pull requires you gain strength in upper body and lower body areas. This is commons sense guys. Doing Higher reps of your max deadlift is a great idea but I personally feel that it may not be efficient. We have to look at the mechanics of the body to understand how to make power gains – as I like to call it – training smart. 

So how do we be efficient and smart in training to hit the next deadlift pr? It’s pretty easy. I train the upper body and lower separately for strength and power so I can increase my deadlift. How does this make sense? Segment your body in half. The upper half and the lower half. The upper body of the deadlift is the hips and up – lifting up from the deadlift. What movement (exercise) purely grows strength in this area? The back extension aka rack rows. Rack rows are amazing in that it is isolating the back actually being the second half of the deadlift. Heavy racks rows means your back is powerful to pull up from the deadlift carrying all that weight. Simple. 

The lower half is your leg strength and coming up from that half squat position while carrying the weight. Your leg strength is build through one basic exercise – the leg press. Not just any leg press, the narrow stance leg press which is the same stance you would take while standing for your deadlift. Heavy leg presses increase your lower body strength to push weight away from the body – just like you do in a deadlift. The deadlift requires tremendous leg power – you are pushing the earth down as you extend your back up with the weight. Get it?  

Increasing your deadlift means your upper body and lower body are both increasing in strength and power. So it makes sense that you would train each segment of the body separately to make gains. 

My deadlift increasing technique is mainly working NOT on my deadlifts, but working on my rack pulls and leg press. This helped me to jump from 100 kilos dead lifts to reps of 120 kilos in a matter of few week. But being smart isn’t only in the gym. You gotta follow through with a nutrition plan that supports your intense training. Train smart and be efficient. 

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