Supplement Review MuscleMeds + Beef Protein Pancakes Recipe

*This is not a paid promotion. This is a personal review of the product mentioned.

Ok guys, before you freak out on this one, let me explain. Beef protein is high quality protein that digests slowly. Did you read my previous article on The Truth About Whey? In that article I talk about how fast digesting whey protein is and that there is a specific way to have whey protein. Sports Scientist Yousuf Farook & I collaborated on that great piece, which is a must read for you! You can read the extended version of that article here.

Beef protein, on the other hand, is a slow digesting protein which stays in the system longer and is released slowly, thereby supporting our natural system of muscle building.


Here are 3 facts about beef protein which you should know:

  • Beef protein powders are sourced from all kinds of bovines, providing a comprehensive amino acid profile that supports muscle recovery and growth.
  • Most of beef protein powders are isolated, which means they are virtually free of fat, cholesterol, and lactose.
  • Beef protein supplements that have undergone a hydrolysis process have an even higher absorption rate. The hydrolysis process breaks the amino acids into small peptide chains. As a result, your body is able to skip this stage and the amino acids are immediately available to go to the bloodstream.

The Review: MuscleMed’s Carnivor

  • Taste: 9/10
  • Mix-ability: 9/10
  • After taste: 9/10


Conclusion: We really liked Carnivor and will definitely buy it again. The flavor and after taste were tolerable and didn’t leave us gagging for a breath mint. We recommend Carnivor!

Why is mix-ability so important?

This is the most important quality of any protein supplement. The last thing you want is a glop of slime floating in your shaker. This is where Carnivor got the best marks. It mixed so well with water, I had to do a double take. Carnivor mixes well and does not froth up. If you have tried most beef protein’s then you know what I am talking about. That nasty glop of slime that just wont mix no matter how hard you shake the shaker…yea MuscleMeds did not have that. Instead, MuscleMeds beef protein mixes very well with water and the after taste is tolerable. Weirdly, their strawberry flavored beef protein ain’t bad at all!  We had it just mixed in cold water and it was great.

Mix-ability is where most beef proteins fail the test and probably where alot of other protein supplements make the downfall too.

It’s no secret, that protein’s which mix well have been processed better which might make the price a tad higher, but I am not complaining. I would rather invest a bit more into fine protein then force swallow clumps of protein that remind me of sewage water.

Beef Protein Pancakes

So, with this I would like to introduce to you beef protein pancakes. Beef protein shake is great but sometimes you may wanna switch it up  a bit and have pancakes. MuscleMeds is by far the best beef protein we have tried so far. And there is only one reason why:

Beef Protein pancakes is a great way to get in a large portion of your protein intake right as soon as you wake up. So here is my recipe on Beef Protein Pancakes that comes with 29  grams (23g from Carnivor + 6g from egg) of complete slow digesting protein.



  • 1 scoop MuscleMeds Carnivor beef protein
  • 1 egg
  • 1 scoop (30 grams) of gluten free oatmeal flour
  • splash of dairy free milk or water to mix

Mix the beef protein and oatmeal flour with a splash of milk or water. You need to mix well; the protein powder is excellent in mixing. There are no lumps! Add your egg and mix well. Consistency is that of pancake batter. Makes 1 large pancake.

Top with peanut butter and chocolate syrup or just about anything you love!





Are you thinking of adding beef protein to your macro’s? Let me know what you think on  Instagram 🙂

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