Supplement Review MuscleMeds + Beef Protein Pancakes Recipe

*This is not a paid promotion. This is a personal review of the product mentioned. Ok guys, before you freak out on this one, let me explain. Beef protein is high quality protein that digests slowly. Did you read my previous article on The Truth About Whey? In that article I talk about how fastContinue reading “Supplement Review MuscleMeds + Beef Protein Pancakes Recipe”

Essential Lifting Gear for Women

Lifting is a sport of technique. Your technique of lifting will set the foundation for your strength gains and aesthetic gains. If you wanna look good you better make sure your form of lifting is correct / perfect. How you lift is far more important than how much you lift…but if you’re like me thanContinue reading “Essential Lifting Gear for Women”

Why Mom’s Need To Prioritise Fitness & Wellbeing

It’s strikes me odd that still in this day and age we are separating the two issues of parenting and parent well being. We just don’t understand it, I think. Every time I speak about fitness and wellbeing people tend to separate the two issues and keep it far from parenting. It’s not separate atContinue reading “Why Mom’s Need To Prioritise Fitness & Wellbeing”