Seasons Of Love

The late spring is here.

It rained heavily this spring- it was windy .
The carefree free barren land got drenched and danced away merrily.
Little did she care about the indifferent season this year!

The wind spread beautiful smell and unknown notion all around the land.

Not all could survive the warm heat today after the abstract spring this year.


The summer sets in the cute little sleepy notion of spring.

Slowly opens its arms and eyelids to see the hot sun

It is so excited to see the sun it feels like jumping and eating it

The moist soil holds it back , knowing the sapling is still weak- she hides it within

Days of summer passes by – increasing the excitement of the lil sprout

The nurturer suffers all the heat of the scorching  sun

Just to keep the lil sprouty grounded and safe


She bears all the tapering of the hard rain of the monsoon this year
She didnot dance like a carefree dancer of spring

It rained hard- there were floods- but the protector didnot give up on her lil one.

After the rain was over, She holds her head high as she knows all her hard work

All her sufferings and pain is compiled to grow in the notion

The notion – the seed which is the growing sprouty of the Autumn
Beautiful days and nights of autumn sets in and out

Winds blow hard again – but with fragrance of flowers and freshness

The creator nurtures the sample  within to learn to save itself from the harsh winds

The progenitor is so happy to see the lil sprouty grow in her womb


Spring- Summer – Autumn  rolls into the chilling Winter

The winter sets in the creator is happy as she knows  her lil sprout will be out any moment.

The festive season rolls in , nature mother try to keep the lil one warm

On a chilly wintry night – when the child bearer was not so prepared

Now the lil proud sprouty  props it head – the MOTHER bears all the pain

The happiness to let out the lil sprouty to explore the world on its own

Takes away all her pain and suffering.


“O how beautiful the world is mommy” – says the lil one

The protective originator snuggles her creation,

Knowing the  bad chilly nights might just slaughter her beautiful creation

The not so bothered lil sprouty  throws his limbs and tries to move

The helpless mom shows her fierce face- only to save her lil one.

The lil sprouty- the result of all her compiled pain and happiness


Slowly the winter passes by- the lil sprouty is little more reasonable now

The spring – the beautiful spring, The spring that gifted the lil sprouty

“Will you let me be my own”- it sprouted at its creator at times

The creator smiles confusingly!

As the early spring nights dawn in the scared lil sprouty snuggles;

Snuggles back almost to the womb and whispers “mommy dont leave me alone”

The creator smiles confusingly!


The spring and the mother build-ed up a healthy sapling

The strong sprouty who can now hold his head high and talk to others

The lil strong sprouty is no more to be protected from the bright dazzling sun

The lil strong sprouty doesnt cuddle anymore at night and whistles all night at the sky

The creator smiles confusingly!


The lil strong sprouty is familar to the fresh smell.

The lil strong  happy go lucky sprouty enjoyed the rain

It spalshed the water all around its face and smiled gleely.

The creator admired her creation and smiled.

The creator knew this Autumn the lil stronhg happy go lucky sprouty is independent

It doesnt need the creator to be protected.

Now her lil one has started dreaming and working for its dream.

Little did the happy go lucky sprouty knew that it is also someones dream

A dream which was shaped into reality with the seasons

A dream who was created nurtured grown and then given away.

That autumn happy go lucky strong sprouty didnt speak to mom.

It whistled around, wrote songs, danced to music .


The chilled winter came in – the grown up sprouty now seeks for love.

Love not its creator but the love of unkown , the pull of living for something else.

That winter the grown up sprouty worked hard for itslef.

It worked so hard that he took away all that the creator had.

Little did it see- the creator the mother gave away all her warmth to keep it warm

To keep it working- while the dry bad chilly nights killed her bit by bit every day.

By the dawn of spring – the nurturer goes silent forever.


The responsible sprouty is now famous.

He has a lot in store to go for days and not look back or care for roots.

The strong sprouty received loved from birds

The happy sprouty received admiration from nature around

Days passed into months-

Months into season- So passed many seasons of love  and fame and admiration.


One stormy night in the monsoon the sprouty shed a lot of health by now.

Afterglow of fame love and admiration has made it week.

Sprouty is still searching for the unknown love.

Sprouty then looks at its root………….

It was late that night- sprouty realises what it misses

Sprouty knows what it misses.

The mother gave all she had and is now a barren land.

Weak broken Sprouty succumbed into his tears stood still.

The silent mother beckoned her lil one and wrapped her child that night

The lil child the lil sprouty slept that night after years.

Sprouty looked for love unknown-

Only to find the seasons of love – resided in his nurtures womb!

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